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  1. Over on the ocz forums I saw a post (from an ocz employee) that basically said 3.5V is ok for daily use if activly cooled but for 24/7 operation stick to 3.3V (activly cooled). I leave my comp on all night so I got a 80mm fan and leaving my V at 3.4V. Its my impression that for short periods of time higher V is ok but its not so good for the life of the ram (also mobo?).
  2. 3.0v should be ok with out a fan. I am using a 80mm fan at 3.4v cause it was rather hot to the touch. You prolly shouldn't need a fan till around3.2v or higher but still it doesn't hurt and might even help cool your volt regulator and cpu depending on where u put it.
  3. well my cpu can run at a lil over 2.5ghz so I'd like to try and get up a lil higher. "working" doesn't mean optimal
  4. Ya thats the setting I am using but there are various trefs suggested by different people for my ram.. I just don't like rebooting.. i'll get around to trying the others sometime or another.
  5. What is ur tref at right now?
  6. yeah I think mine got a little better after burn in nothing huge tho. No tweaker doesn't have tref.
  7. I used angry's settings but changed the tref. I believe I am running at the 4xxx setting but I haven't rebooted in awhile. For me all my problems were with tref once I changed that I became 100% stable. Passing memtest prime pi encoding over night etc etc. I originally had platinums but I accidently got the rev 1s. so I had all my settings setup for those. Incidentially. I noticed that when I changed my ras to 6 from 8 I actually got slower benchies ... not alot but some. I think I remember reading about this on anands or somthing so its just somthing u should keep in mind.
  8. um I believe its the 4xxx one. I am not 100% on that. Any progs that show tref values in windows? I don't like rebooting....
  9. Just out of curiosity Whats the highest anyone has gotten with any vx ram? The highest I can run seems to be about 247. 250 gives me 3-4 errors per pass in memtest.
  10. If people want I can post all my settings its just but there are several other threads on the vx gold and what that have all the settings posted so I didn't bother. You should be able to do more than 200 though. crank it up to 3.4V and up that divider.
  11. Hi guys I recently ordered the new value vx ram that anand reviewed. I first I wasn't able to get very high but after reading some of the threads in here for the other vx sticks I changed my Tref and I am pretty happy at 245. Has anyone else gotten these new value vx sticks? I think people would like to know how lucky ur OC's have been. I know it was a great deal for 2 512 sticks only being 120$ with shipping from atacom.com Anyone got these sticks and gotten a lousey oc? I adding a link to the atacom its 115$ brefore shipping . Other places have it too but its as much as 150$ on monarch and newegg last I looked. http://www.atacom.com/program/atacom.cgi?S...&Disp_item2.y=7
  12. I was hoping people would have tried the stock/air cooling then gone water or somthing so I would know if its wroth it go out n buy a fancy hs/fan or its just quieter.. I don't really care much. Currently my ram maxes out at about 247 so I would be running asynch. If I only think it would be worth it if it I get at least another 150mhz. Anyone know if this is likely?
  13. Anyone else got any info on how much higher they could OC with a better cooler?
  14. You still should give settings. Its quite possible its due to oc'ing ur vid card too high. try lowering to stock and see if it persists.
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