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  1. the logical disk ID's Im seeing in Windows XP disk management. I rearranged things today to at least get them in the order I wanted. Right now Logical Disk 0 is my 74g Raptor, thats plugged into SATA 4 Logical Disk 1 is my 300g Maxtor, plugged into SATA 1 Logical Disk 2 is my 320 WD, plugged into SATA 2 The channel listings I got from Ubuntu Linux hardware detection. After the rearrange Linux shows this.... 74g = sda = scsi3, plugged into SATA4 300 = sdb = scsi5, plugged into SATA1 320 = sdc = scsi6, plugged into SATA2
  2. Why is it when I have my System drive plugged into SATA1 everything tells me it is on channel 5? Why, when all 4 ports are plugged in, does this happen? SATA1 = Channel 5 = Logical Disk 2 SATA2 = Channel 6 = Logical Disk 3 SATA3 = Channel 2 = Logical Disk 0 SATA4 = Channel 3 = Logical Disk 1 This really screwed up my attempt at installing Dual Boot OS's. I dont understand why everything is switched around. I briefly searched and scanned the stickies.
  3. Makes sense to me. If your sell the faster RAM, your not gonna leave the faster RAM in the slower products. And now that OCZ does sell the faster RAM they need it for that line.
  4. software monitors never work right. The only way to see what is really happening is to get a voltage meter and check everything for yourself. That will give you your true readings. Anyone will tell you, never trust software voltage readings.
  5. holy hell. need to get me whatever that guy is on.
  6. here's my new 16 color logo i just dropped into a 6/23-3 bios.... (converted to jpg for ease of posting)
  7. could be voltage, yeah. but also remember that not every cpu is guaranteed to overclock as well as another.
  8. 1. Software is never %100 accurate. 2. Trust SG way before Sandra
  9. The reason i noticed this is because I am stable at 1.691 and I"m trying to creep it down a little bit. However I found a 0.013v and a 0.011 gap in the voltage selections. Seems odd since everything else is so close. Here is the possible list you can get using vcore and vid special..... 1.650 ----------gap of .011v 1.661 1.663 1.666 1.667 1.670 1.678 ----------gap of .013v 1.691 1.695 1.696 Wouldnt be so bad but I think could use something in the 1.685 range to get a little lower but still stable. Not like this is a critical thing, just thought it was interesting.
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