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  1. Have you still got any pics of the wb fitted? Thinking of switching to W/C my Northbridge. Cheers
  2. The GSkill HZ is good RAM. I think I paid about £150 incl P+P
  3. Just using smart guardian - i don't have a separate digital thermometer.
  4. But you're only cooling 1 core... From what I've read about the Zalman water stuff it isn't that good and it's quite pricey over here.
  5. Dear All, Long time without a post. As can be seen from my sig I'm currently running an Opteron 165 with a XP90 and a 43cfm Panaflo 92mm fan. I've been playing about with my overclocks and it will run stable at 290x9 @1.4V but the load temperatures are too high (60+ C). I have tried refitting the heatsink but no change in temperature was observed and I always use the recommended amount of AS5. At the moment I've scaled the overclock back while I consider my options (250x9 1.3V, 38C idle) I do have a 120mm SilenX 64cfm fan which I can mount on the XP90 but from previous experience of it with the XP90 and the Opteron 146 it didn't drop the temperatures. I am unsure if this is due to improper air flow (turbulence) or I'm hitting the limit of the heatsink or aircooling (not a sufficent temperature difference between case air temp and heatsink). Would changing to a Scythe Ninja, Vapochill Micro or Zalman 9550 make any appreciable difference? Or should I be looking at watercooling? TBH I'm always shyed away from water because I don't want to take the risk and the expense. Being my first watercooled system I would be looking at a kit. The Gigabyte galaxy and the XSPC X2O kit have been getting good reviews at a reasonable price. In addition these have adaptors which allow you to put the 120mm onto a 80mm exhaust fan (which my Lian Li has and I don't want to cut it up). All advice would be greatfully received.
  6. Don't use nTune. AFAIK the PCI bus speed is 1/3 of the PCI-Express bus. If nTune is changing the PCI-Express bus speed then this would cause your PCI bus speeds to vary.
  7. I believe the 580W in practice isn't much better in terms of available power than the 480W Type-R model. The 480W Type R works nicely with this system. As for the 3 lights - I would suggest you try clearing the CMOS and press Insert while booting. QTEC PSU's are one of the worst available. They shouldn't be used in any computer nevermind one with a DFI board. I think QTEC still give their power ratings by the peak load.
  8. I think it's listed in the recommended PSU thread.... Doing a search for hiper should list a few of us who are using their PSU's. Personally, I use the 480W and have had no issues with my rig in it's various incarnations....
  9. Where was selling the OCZ GX at this price?
  10. RAID 5 requires the generation of parity data created by XORing. On expensive RAID controllers you will get a dedicated CPU +RAM on the card for generating this data . (Intel i960's used to be popular for this). Without a dedicated CPU your main CPU needs to do this = greater I/O traffic and CPU load. RAID 5 is great for servers but less so for desktops. If you want redundancy run RAID 1. We use RAID 5 on the servers at work but they use SCSI U320 Fibre Channel drives for the array :drool:
  11. It's not just temperatures which rise with voltages, the risk of other damage (e.g. quantum tunnelling by electrons) rises as well. The smaller the die size the greater the risk of damage.
  12. Only legacy hardware actually uses IRQ. PCI uses INT# lines (A-D)*. The IRQ's are only kept in for backward compatibility. * Sometimes when it is said PCI slots share an IRQ they are sharing an INT# line. In theory this shouldn't cause a problem but with some bus hogging devices it can be. IRQ_L errors are generally down to two reasons. i) Buggy drivers ii) System is overclocked too far (quite often in this case it is the memory).
  13. Definitely Micron as they are Crucial's parent company..... Unsure as to the exact chips.
  14. It is generally memory related. I wonder if your Xp installation has become corrupted ?
  15. Not having much luck with mine - only 2600MHz (10x260). My Winnie 3000+ did 270x9
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