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  1. BobyBoy You still trying to sell stuff? Guys, check his heatware and this thread before you buy.
  2. ThaWaxShop is this the volt modded gx2 that's in your sig?
  3. Would this card would be compatible with my EVGA 7950 gx2 in quad SLI? I know that it used to be same brand only for SLI, but that was changed, wasn't it?
  4. Suedenim you have PM I was wondering when we would hear from somebody else. By bobyboy101's admission (not that we can believe him), there should be one more. I am going to escalate my PayPal resolution to a claim today. I'll hit his heatware, tomorrow.
  5. I have filed for resolution at PayPal for this transaction. I have 20 days to escalate it to a claim. I am going to give Dustin until COB the 2nd of January to either refund my payment or send me a GOOD tracking # for the items. Then I will escalate it to a claim. file on my VISA, and as djgizmo says, hammer on it daily. Then I am going to leave him a negative comment on his heatware. It being the second exact problem, It should put a damper on his selling at any other forum. You know, the thing is, I asked him about the RAM and he said that he had a buyer. I told him if it fell thru, I would take it. That same day, I found the set of GEIL that's in my sig, over at HardForum. I paid for it the same day. The next day, Dustin PM'd me that his buyer backed out. Since I told him I would take them, I paid for them anyway. I was going to put them on eBay for the same price as I paid for them, IF I could even get that. I even had the ad ready. Of course two weeks later, it's dawning on me that I probably got scammed. Now I wish I had backed out. Oh well, live and learn. Thanx Dustin
  6. I paid him on the 1st of December. Over 3 weeks before the xmas holiday. Plus, his PM on the 14th said he was at work. I don't know what he's doing.
  7. Yeah, still no reply. I am waiting to see what the moderators are going to do about it. I am going to PM an update to them Friday. I am going to start a complaint with PayPal Saturday, the 30th. That way I don't miss the 30 day window. The guy is aware that there is a problem and since I called him on the wrong address thing, he hasn't bothered to respond to PM's, Email, and this thread. I hate to go thru the PayPal thing as it is a PITA and nobody really wins. The thing is, I don't know if he set out to fraud me, or something came up. I do feel like he lied to me about the returned packages, so no excuse is going to be accepted by me at this time. My money back or a good tracking # is it. He could have made the attempt to fix it, but knew he was going to screw me. I don't even think he had the items as he was supposed to sell them to a guy overseas, then came back and said the deal fell thru and I could have them. I think he intentionally committed fraud. Just for grins, here is the last response I got from him "well here is the delivery confirmation and it is the only one listed on the reciept,I believe what happened was that I had one address hand written on a package and ment to fill in the other 2 on the seperate little priority sticker that you slap on it. VE786536512US" I called him on it as I know that a USPS delivery confirmation # is 20 numeric characters. If you go to the USPS tracking site and put these #'s in, you get a "Delivery status information is not available for your item". You can put in any random number and get the same response. If I haven't heard from him by the 30th, I am going to push the moderators to put him on the s^^t list and file to PayPal and Visa. And if I can get his phone # I am definitely going to call him, and, if he lives close enough to me, go by his work/house. Did anyone else buy anything from him? Oh, and my grandkids would have appreciated that payment when they came over yesterday.
  8. Still no response from this guy on the purchase I made. I am waiting to hear from the moderator. Hopefully they can contact him and get something done or he will be put on the scam bag list. I am waiting a few more days in hope Dustin will man up. Going through the PayPal complaint and VISA refute is a real hassle, but I'm not going to let this go. If he doesn't settle this the right way, I am looking at sending a letter to his local Police agency, also. May not do anything, but I least I'll try.
  9. After several PM's and emails, I have not heard back from this seller and have reported the fraudulent activity to the moderator. They are supposed to trying to contact him to resolve this. His heatware has a complaint against him exactly like mine. And, I went to each of the forums he claims he has sold on. NONE but here have his listed aliases shown in a member search. Do what you want, but I wouldn't buy anything from him until this gets resolved. I will post back if it's an honest mistake, or get this resolved one way or another.
  10. Is anyone else having problems getting their item from this guy? I paid for the RAM on the 1st and haven't gotten it. He claims that when he sent out three items, the USPS got mixed up and sent all three to someone who bought one of the motherboards from him. He said the guy who bought the motherboard denied acceptance of the other two items and they were being shipped back to him at the USPS expense Here is his PM, sent to me on the 14th. "Hi I am sending this to all 3 of you as I am using a PDA from work and it is a pain in the butt. for the 2 people that ahve yet to recieve there items I believe the ram and video card please be patient as the post screwed up and sent all 3 items to the same address I am due to recieve them today or tomorrow some time and they will be reshipped at the postals expense. to the mobo I apriciate that you declined aceptance for the other 2 items but it would have been helpful of you to notify me that you did so as I had to go through the post office and spen 2-3 hours on the phone with them. please leave heat and I will do the same." Having worked at the P.O., I am very skeptical that these packages all got sent to the same place. Each package get it's own slip and is scanned long before they leave the post. Anyway, if the person who bought the motherboard and returned the the other two items (someone else is apparently still without his item, also) please confirm what he saying. I don't want to go thru the PAYPal/Visa thing until I'm sure he is not living up to his bargain. thanx
  11. I have a EVGA 7800GTX 256MB card. Comes with retail box and accessories. It is only four months old. It currently has a waterblock mounted but will also include another identical block in case you want to run another 7800GTX in SLI. The stock cooler will also be included. I will put pics up early next week. $165.00 shipped to US only. Will NOT ship overseas. PayPal only. I will trade for a 22" + wide screen LCD monitor + $ if it's a deal, or a set of 2gb double channel DDR RAM that will hit 300, even up. But not interested in other items. heatware robowang eBay roboblueangel SOLD
  12. does the ATI TV tuner have a remote or does it have the connection for one? (I have an ATI AIW 2.0 usb remote)
  13. What will the patriot ram run at 3-4-4-8 1T ? Looking for 1 or 2 gig set ddr that will run the above (or better) at 290+
  14. I have tried two X2 4400+ recently. Both are the 89W. Both stepping/week's are CCBWE 0613BPMW. Neither one will go 2600 MHZ even with 1.4 + 104% vcore. Watching the core 1 and 2 temps (with core temp and a64 info), at full dual prime load, the newest one's core 1 will error out at 59 celcius. Core 2 keeps running, but at load, it is 4-5 degrees cooler. The older one would do the same, except core 2 would error out at 59 celcius and core 2 was 6-8 celcius hotter than core 1. Both cpu's combined temps are 44-46 celcius under a load. But, the result is 2600 with both CPU's. This is actually OK, but I don't like the load temps on the dual cores. I am running water and it has been doing fine with the last 3 cpu's I have used it on. But, it looks like it may not be capable of cooling a dual core. It has a Big Water 120mm rad and fan, also a 90mm rad and fan in series. I have not felt hot air from these rad's before, and apparently there is good contact with the cpu or the rads would not be getting warm. Anyway, before upgrading the water, I was thinking about removing the IHS. I believe I could get it off easily enough IF it isn't soldered on as it has been reported the new Opty's are. Anyone have this week or later X2 4400+ that has taken the IHS off? Would removing it even help the load temps? I have read a lot on it, but very little with the 89w 4400.
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