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  1. Hey everyone, i'm still having problems with this. I haven't tried the USB to PS2 cause i am using a USB switch that my monitor + keyboard and mouse plug into then goes to the comp, cause the comp isnt very close to the monitor. I dont think this is the problem though as i plugged the keyboard and the mouse directly into the comp and i still get the problem, only i have to leave the mouse unplugged longer before i plug it back in for it to work. Also, i turned off the thing to allow windows to power save the usb, no go there. I set the USB jumpers on the board to 5VSB instead of 5V since all the motherboard manual says about 5VSB is the PSU needs to have > 1.5A on VSB to support 2+ Wake on USB devices, my PSU supports 2A there but when i tried to startup using this none of my USB devices would function at all so no clue what thats even for.
  2. all the manual says is if you are using wake-on-USB keyboard/mouse function for 2 usb ports, the 5VSB power source of your power supply must support > or = 1.5A. For 3 ports, > or = 2A. Not sure what 5VSB is unless thats just 5V rail, in which case my PS supports 30A on the 5V rail.
  3. Hey, i've got this same problem. I have a intel USB optical trackball, and it will randomly just stop working. Sometimes it will pick back up, but usually i have to disconnect it then reconnect it to get it working. When it stops sometimes windows says that a USB device has malfunctioned, but not often. I'm pretty sure that this isnt the mouse as i've used it for a year with my other computer, and i've tried it there for a couple days and haven't had a single problem. I've also got a USB headset and keyboard, neither of which have seem to stop at all like the mouse.
  4. Hi, i recently got the SLI-DR board and a AMD 64 3500 90nm. I'm using AS5 and a zaleman 7000cu heatsink and my CPU temps are staying between 36-43 which seems fine to me. My case is a thermaltake Xaser III edition case with 7 fans (2 front fans blowing in, 2 side fans blowing in, 1 blowhole fan blowing out, 2 rear fans blowing out) and my case temps tend to be in the mid 40s and sometimes get to 50 but not usually. My problem is my chipset temperatures. I'm currently using a geforce 6800GT in my first PCI-x slot and it almost touches the chipset fan, so i dont see how i could get a 3rd party one to help keep that cooler. When i am running my system at full load, the chipset is getting up to 54C. At idle it doesnt drop below 45C. It just seems like its a little on the high side since you'd think the CPU would get hotter then the chipset. I made sure that in the bios i had the CPU chipset and the other option set so that all the fans were on when the temps were higher then 30C (i figured i might as well always have them on at full speed which is 2300 for the CPU and the P thing and then 7000 or so for the chipset, you can barely hear them with this full tower steel case). Not sure what else i can do to lower the temps. Thanks for any replies ^^ My sig didnt seem to work so here it is -------------------- DFI nForce4 SLI DR AMD 64 3500+ 90nm w/Zaleman 7000cu + AS5 OCZ powerstream 520Watt PQI Turbo TCCD 512MB PC3200 x2 EVGA GF6800GT 256MB DDR3 Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Plextor 52x CDRW 16x DvdRom Maxtor 40GB SATA 7200RPM Boot drive 2x Wester Digital 80GB SATA 7200RPM Raid 0 Thermaltake Xaser III Full tower Case w/ 7 fans
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