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  1. My TCCD can run CL 2 but no longer 2.5 or 3. This is a fault that can develop on TCCD according to several people.
  2. Thats the theory. But several people have found no difference between yellow vs orange slots and between -2 vs -3 bios when running TCCD memory.
  3. Are there any issues/limitations with overclocking when using SATA drives? Ive heard of issues on other boards where the SATA controllers crap out when HTT is running high.
  4. 623-3 was wierd for me. Every other bios ive flashed loaded straight away after a 'load defaults' in the bios. But 623-3 needed a cleared cmos via the jumper. After that it was fine.
  5. Ive just installed a fresh copy of XP SP2 on my Ultra-D. For whatever reason it hasnt installed USB support, so my mouse etc isnt working. USB is enabled in BIOS. How do i go about making XP rediscover USB?
  6. Is it worth using nVidias 666 version of the chipset driver?
  7. After getting at least one ultra D bios every month, its now been more than 2 months since 704. Any new bios in the pipeline? Or is the NF4 bios complete?
  8. I have flashed many different bios to my Ultra D. 623-3 is the only one that gave me trouble. My PC wouldnt boot. It came to life when i cleared cmos.
  9. Clockgen is a nice tool - especially for finding your rigg's limit. But it would be good if there was a command line util that would just set the HTT to X MHz without any interaction from me. Then i could create a desktop shortcut called "2.4GHz" which would simply run "d:toolssetclock.exe 278" (which sets cpu to 9x278MHz). This would be a quick way of overclocking to known good clocks. Does anyone know of such a tool for the DFI Ultra D?
  10. Ive been overclocking my Ultra D for a few months. Ive never found raising LDT or chipset voltage to help get me more MHz. Has anyone managed a higher memory or cpu clock by simply increasing LDT or chipset voltage?
  11. When you say 'bad', do you mean overclocking limit? To see what is limiting your overclock, drop your cpu multiplier down low (eg 7X) and run your memory at half speed (eg 200|100). You should be able to pump the HTT speed way up. If you cant, then its likely that your board is limiting you.
  12. A related question - does maxing these voltages actually help get a higher overclocking speed?
  13. I tried a pair of Hynix D43 sticks in my Ultra D. In my old P4 board they did 2-3-3-6 @ 200MHz dual channel and 3-4-4-8 @ 280MHz. In the Ultra D they did 205 3-3-3-8 dual. Thats the best they could do.
  14. See the thread about 2T making 2-5% difference. 2.5-4-3-7-1T is comparable to 2.5-3-3-7-2T.
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