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  1. After plugging in the extra power cable on the motherboard (above the pci-e slot) the rear usb inputs can now keep the external hard drive running. But the front usb inputs still cannot keep the hard drive running. :
  2. I just finished looking at the jumpers, they're all set for 5v+ (non standby). I checked my psu's rails during operation, they're in working order (as far as voltage goes). And the enclosure works with every other computer I plug it into. : Well lol at me. I just noticed the extra power attachment on the board right above the large pci-e slot. I'mma try plugging something into that. :X
  3. I recentally installed an Expert and a new power supply into my case, most everything is great. The only problem so far is with what I suspect as an underpowered usb. I have an external 2.5 hard drive that can run via USB only on every other computer I've tried. When I plug my hard drive into any USB slot, the enclosure for the drive gives me a message telling me that the device is underpowered. Has anyone else experienced this with and Expert? Is there a fix for this besides spending money?
  4. yeah, lights show up on the board. i took out one video card, tried taking out some ram, still nothing. and the psu is a 24pin, that comes with a 24 to 20 pin adapter.
  5. Negatory on getting someone to help me check the parts...
  6. I also just noted that the amps on my 12v is 2amps under the lowest recommended for a sli 7800 gtx setup. this couldn't be the definate problem, but at least it's noted. Either way, it's time for a new power supply. I used to work in a computer store. Management has changed, so hopefully I can still be hooked up with free service. The power supply will also start up with a power supply tester, but not when plugged into the motherboard.
  7. I just assembled the PC outside of the case, it didn't start up. I have no way of telling weither or not the psu did anything when it fried. I'm assuming it didn't because the computer continued to operate while smoke was shooting out. The computer might have still operated for a while, had I not turned off the power from my surge protector.
  8. I'll start from the beginning. About 3 weeks ago I watched my power supply shoot out smoke while gaming. The power supply had been in my system for well over a year. I RMA'd it and got a new one. Today, I recieved the new one and installed it. Upon turning the computer on, I got no video and a slow, short and consistent beeping noise. I proceeded to turn the machine off by holding down the power button. When it turned off, the LED on the front panel of my case which indicates weither or not it has power running through it was blinking on and off slowly. I turned off the power via the switch on the power supply gave the computer a minute and tried to start it again. Upon trying again, the computer would not start up. I tested the power supply with a decent PSU tester and it passes as a working PSU. What is up with my computer??
  9. thanks for the info, i will look into a new power supply tonight! i know people who run the vantec stealth 520w for their sli setups, they seem to have no problems whatsoever
  10. Would a Ultra X-Connect 500w power supply be able to support a pair of 7800 GTXs, if so, would it have some extra juice for overclocking too? Just intrested if I will also need to get a different power supply when I upgrade.
  11. you can disable sli by checking a box in your driver properties and restarting. The tab is SLI multi-GPU.
  12. Put in a bind? the whining noise is similar to the noise that a not so new CRT TV makes when getting turned on and is warming up. edit: Now that I have my case open and am trying out different tasks, there is noise coming out from the area at all times, how demanding the task is relates to the pitch and how loud the sound is (while my hard drives are close to the sound, they are not the source). If my board is in fact foobared, I can still exchange it to the store where I bought it for the next two weeks.
  13. about a week ago my motherboard would make a soft, high pitched whinning noise from around the area to the left of the FDD port, where the three aluminum heat sinks are. As of two days ago, while playing my favorite game Unreal Tournament 2004, i noticed that my frames would drop from in the 80s to the 20s but for only a few seconds before returning to normal :mad: . This happened only once every now and then (It now frequently happens, usually in streaks of 4-6 times a minute, and I can expect that the streaks will happen about 4 times for every 10 minutes of play), so I thought I might have some background processes, but it turned out otherwise, and that would still not explain the sound. Unless my computer is under heavy load I never seem to notice this noise and the performance drop. The drop doesn't seem to happen to often unless I'm playing Assult, Onslaught, or other game modes of UT2004 that heavily tax a system. I play UT2004 competatively and participate in online tournaments and the like regularly. So if you know anything about my problem or think you can help, please don't hesitate to respond.
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