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  1. Hi all,


    The following is up for sale, please see the following link for the full project log:



    Stacker Case, this also includes the Crossflow Mainboard Fan - SOLD.


    Watercooling Kit:


    Eheim 1250 pump

    DD Athlon TDX CPU Block

    DD NV-78 GPU Block

    Alphacool NexXxos NB SLI Block

    Dual-Bay Res

    Thermochill 120.2 Rad

    2 x 120mm Noiseblocker uber Quiet Fans (mounted on rad)

    All 1/2" piping (ClearFlex), mountings and Clamps -


    £200 ONO.

    UK Only.

  2. For those how have a dfi mobo and an amd cpu ... this is the memory to run ...


    I know mate :)


    I couldnt hit above 2.5 with any other 1Gb sticks I could find - these sticks are amazingly fast and stable so much so that I've managed to hit 2.6 now! :)


    Only one word of caution out about these sticks - dont believe the Hype - Only the first batch could hit 270Mhz - all the rest buggy out at 255 - Run 3dmark for stability.

  3. righty then! - finally sorted - took me two weeks like but what the eck :rolleyes: This block defo fits on the DFI SLI-DR - I even went to the extent of checking it fits between the high caps on the mainbaord :) good news....


    Couple of points to note: -


    A)- Make sure you double check the barbs don't leak - had to flush my system 3 times like to finally get them to stop - oh yer - loads of that PFTE tapeh stuff helps :)


    B)- Dont tighten the nuts (the ones that hold the block to the motherboard) too much! - when I first set it up - My chipset idled around 50 dergrees C!!!! - Basically - after a re-fit I'd realised i'd tightened the nuts too much and the block wasnt making contact with the core properly....


    heres some pics:










    and finally temps - please note - my system runs one crossflow fan only (apart from the rad fans) - love these temps under load:




    thanks to www.coolercases.co.uk for the block - been waiting ages for this! :nod:


    check the following link for more info - temps etc.



  4. finally got the Alphacool NB-SLI block fitted - my god what a pain in the backside that was! - If your gunna get one of these babys just remember one thing - PFTE Tape rules! - First block i've had that leaked all over the place! lol, - after 3 complete system flushes managed to sort it - the barbs need extra attention to ensure leaking doesnt occur.


    Only had the system up less than an hour and my NF4 Chipset is sat idling at 40!

    hmmmm - maybe it's not making contact right - am not sure - will report back with some more findings later this week - too tired to try anything else just yet.....


    oh PS - SILENCE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! - not bothered about its temps but noise wise - its defo worth it...... and will post some pics once its had time to settle and prove its not gunna leak.... :D

  5. have to agree with LanceDiamond - the extra voltage required aint worth it for 100mhz extra - cpu gets way too hot for my liking anything above 1.5v


    hence currently at [email protected] volts 120%rock solid stable 36idle 45load (watercooled mind)- need to add my stuff to the OC database when I get time.


    2600Mhz on 2 cores is nothing to be laughed at - thats more powerful than any cpu currently out there - in fact - I think thats what the new FX-60 will be clocked at with its dual cores too.


    have fun....

  6. thanks for that tip


    heres one from bflood- mod at mushkin mate: - ideally these are the sort of timings one should aim for: PS - dont use A64 tweaker - use the bios to set these entries:


    http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/9964/timings6za.jpg - changed to linky - pic too big for these forums i tinks


    Gots my ram using the all the timings above except the one for drive strength - that needs to stay at weak otherwise my system wont post, and yes before you ask - it does make a difference - use Super_PI before and after the changes to see the difference in timings....let us know how it goes :)

  7. Hello all,


    Just wondering if anyone out there has any of these 1Gb sticks?


    was running DDR520 @ 260x10 perfectly fine last night - ran prime95 on both cores for a good 3-4hours, ran Sisoft tests - no problem - but no matter what I tried I couldnt get the PC to run ANY 3dMark benchies! :( - so had to revert to 250FSB :(


    Currently running mine @ DDR500 3-3-2-8/[email protected] - read in places of peeps getting as low as cas 2.5 on these sticks! - but it don't seem to work for meh.


    Now i'm nowhere near as competent at memory timings as I am fixing pc's!, hence any help would be appreciated - they were running [email protected]/1T but I think my cpu cant handle 2.6 hence back to 2.5:( (all settings at AUTO with 632-3 BIOS) - not even sure if i'm using the correct BIOS table.


    thanks - zoomee.

  8. oh my lord!


    I love these mushkins! - they're awesome


    I took you guys' advice and dropped my voltage to 1.35 + 113% - whereas before I couldnt get above 2.5 - I am now fully stable at 2.6 on both cores! yaaaaaaaay! thanks for the advice guys. - and thats without having toremove the IHS


    System is currently running CPU 260x10 @ 1.45v! 34idle/44load

    memory is running DDR520 1:1 - 3-3-2-8/1T @ 2.8v - will push for 2.5-3-2-8/1T later tonight.


    Awesome :)


    zoomee is well appeh!

  9. hmm interesting.


    well i just recieved my 2Gb Mushkin XP4000 Redlines last night, wacked em in at default oc of 250x10 1:1 - running sw33t at 2.8v


    I really want to push for 2.6 ghz too - but not sure if its just my CPU thats not capable - I can easily run 2500Mhz at 1.41v (set to 1.45v in BIOS) - temps are 32idle 44load - anyone think removing the IHS will make a difference?


    Last time I tried - not matter how much more juice I gave, core 0 would bum out of Prime95 at anything above 2.5.


    What do you reckon guys? I'm bigtime watercooled with 1/2" piping etc, should i remove teh IHS?


    Reason I ask is cus I removed the IHS on my FX-53 not too long ago - managed to get upto 2.6 from 2.5 by doing that - not so sure if it will be as effective on this 4400 though.


    any other advice on getting above 2.5 mucho appreciated - thanks.

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