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    UT or not UT?

    sw33333t! thanks for that Aldersix - There was me thinking the SLI-DR was lesser specced than the UT SLI-DR!!!. I'd prefer the Front X etc etc fullworks job so it looks like is the normal SLI-DR i'm after. Thanks again.....
  2. thats the cue i was looking for you dont get peeps on the MSI diamond forums saying stuff like that DFI - here i come :>
  3. hmmm - and I have no idea if my RAM is TCCD stuff or not - its the Corsair TwinX-1024 3200XLPro stuff - with the bling bling leds etc. (black massive heatsink) which I am unable to take to bits due to the massive black heatsink
  4. Hi guys, please bear in mind my current sig is as per below: I've got the chance to sell my Diamond board and get the DFI SLI-DR - quite simply - will it be worth it? I'm dissappointed in my overclock as it cant churn out more than 1.6v's stable! - well bogus - so my fx-53 is only stable @ 250x10.- thats an increase of 100mhz!!!! :confused: do you think it'd help by me buying the SLI-DR instead? - i mean the overclocking isnt that much of an issue - i like the uv reactive components and the frnt panel thingy as I run an external raid as it is. thanks - any help is mucho appreciated. PS - Would all my components be compatible - i.e. the corsair ram? PSS - I'm going to change the following at the same time as changing my mainboard: Tagan TG480-u01 PSU will be replaced with an OCZ ModStream 520w 200Gb Maxtor NCQ will be replaced with 300Gb Seagate 7200.8 NCQ.?
  5. sorry fellas - the sig link goes to a simple text file with the following: AMDFX53 - @2500Mhz/1.55v - Dangerden TDX Block K8N Diamond NF4 SLI @250Mhz - DD Maze4 Chipset Block 1Gb Corsair 3200XLPro @ 2.5-3-3-5/1T / 2.75v (7000MB/s Sandra memory bandwidth) HTT: 4x, FSB:250, CPU: 10x - disabled onboard Sil controller, floppy and parallel port. MSI RX800XT-VTD256E - DD Maze4 Acetal GPU Block @520/1000 Matrix Orbital MX212 - Blk Aluminium 2 x 20 LCD Display 2 x 36.7Gb WD SATA Raptor - Sata1 & 2 - External Icybox enclosures 1 x 200Gb Maxtor NCQ DM10 - Sata4 Sony DVD-RW Dual layer DW22A DD Floppy Bay Res, Eheim 1250 Pump = Full 1/2" Dangerden H20 Kit Tagan TG-480-U01 PSU - Braided with UV red and molex (on its last legs ;>) Custom mod (side c-thru panel and top 120.2 thermochill rad fitted with 2x120mm fans 7v modded) Coolermaster Black aluminium Wavemaster - 1 x blue UV reactive fan at rear/7v - 2 x 12" UV cold cathode Onboard Creative 24-bit live soundblaster with creative i-trigue 3300 2.1 speakers MSI Dual-net card - WIFI + BT Iiyama Prolite E430s analogue - 17" TFT 1280 x 1024 for everything! Logitech Mx700 & Dell performance USB k/brd USR Robotics Wireless 802.11g 125Mbps, HP Ipaq 4150 802.11b + BT Which looks like: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/umar.bashir/19-02-05_1352.jpg http://homepage.ntlworld.com/umar.bashir/23-02-05_1753.jpg with the following changes: Tagan TG480-u01 PSU will be replaced with an OCZ ModStream 520w 200Gb Maxtor NCQ will be replaced with 300Gb Seagate 7200.8 NCQ.? hehheh angry power! - i like the bit about your girlfriend - she sounds just like my wife! so question again is - is my stuff compatible? I will do a search for corsair 3200xlpro probs but need to make sure the rest of the stuff is ok - i've spent fortune on this system and its still not what I want - i.e. at least a 2.6 overclock!!! PS - The tagan is 24pin and even has a -5v for the likes of this MSI mainboard (-5v is required to get sound from the on-board soundblaster)