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    FX-53 overclocking assistance

    just tried it again with even laxer memory timings - no joy - also tried to upp voltage - even tried to boot using 250x9 and that wont work now either! :
  2. zoomee

    FX-53 overclocking assistance

    it is an uber board - dont get me wrong fella - maybe a bit too uber for me - LOL! - thats why i'm posting asking for help - hopefully someone will figure out what i'm doing wrong for your info - I have tried RGones memory timing settings - as I usually dont alter anything other than what I have to i.e. just ensure its set to 2-2-5-2 etc and everything else set to auto - I've tried with and without CPU throttling - in fact last time I tried it leaving CPU throttling enabled seemed to help a tad....nothing I do will let me boot using the x10 multiplier - I will mention - when I say it doesnt boot - It gets past the detect cpu, ram and drives - displays all irq's etc on screen the restarts when it gets to the verifying DMI pool..... bit - hmmmm. tried enabling/disabled most memory settings ie. bank interleave - CPC etc. and have tried upping voltages on everything to no avail. Yer - I was surprised to have my RAM running DDR500 on my last board with only about 2.8v! :> - but i've tried upping to 2.9v and leaving @ 2.7v - i'll give it another try but @ 2.6v - dont think it will hlep really as the system uses at least 2.7v for [email protected] any more suggestions more than welcome - thanks for the input so far :>
  3. zoomee

    FX-53 overclocking assistance

    PS - Wiredguy @corsair has confirmed these memory modules are samsung TCCD - how far can I go voltage wise? recommendations pls - wiredguy stated the modules are only guaranteed to 2.9v (not that I care about the warranty :>) And he also stated that its obviously not the RAM at fault as it worked on my MSI setup fine.......which i totally agree with
  4. zoomee

    FX-53 overclocking assistance

    thanks chennhui - i've tried the DRAM drive strength settings all the way to 8 and vdram is set to 2.9v It not the CPU thats refusing to post using the x10 mutliplier - but the board as is proven by the fact it was running 250x10 in my MSI Diamond board. I tried 255x9 - and that kept causing my hard drive to kick down whilst booting into windows - is there a SATA lock i have to enable or something?
  5. zoomee

    FX-53 overclocking assistance

    its NOT a memory issue - it works at 250x9 - i;ve tried everything adjusting all other settings to no avail- the mainboard just doesnt seem to like my CPU and the x10 multiplier :
  6. zoomee

    FX-53 overclocking assistance

    yep the FX-53 is the same one as was in the MSI board- this exact same setup came from a working MSI diamond board - only difference was that I had a chipset waterblock on the diamond - not that it mattered as I never had the need to raise HTT voltage.
  7. zoomee

    Corsair Ram on NF4 boards

    sorry forgot to add -i'm using Rgones recommended memory BIOS settings for overclocking - Memory is not the issue in my case - I know it can handle 250FSB no probs - as it works on the x9 multiplier - PS - running BIOS 3/10 performance i shall give the newer april BIOSes a try later this week :>
  8. Hi guys - sig as per below, currently running two systems one that below - the other an MSI Diamond/3500. The DFI is running on a Tagan TG-480-U01 and the MSI on a Hiper R PSU - both work perfectly fine. Decided to get a Modstream 520w (look cool and I like the modular system bit) - £100 later - got my psu - plugged it in - no go - no power to either of my systems. Posted on this forum - chatted with eryder who stated to get a replacement - a week later - gots one - SAME PROBLEM AGAIN!. - both systems refuse to boot from the new Modstream - it was defo replaced as it has a different serial number but it still doesnt work. One thing I noticed - when plugging in the SATA connector to the modular system on the PSU - it makes a click sound first time unlike all the other connections - hence I think it may be a dodgy SATA cable as they returned my original cables and not new ones Any help diagnosing this issue would help - first things first - its all disconnected - will try jumping it later - Its wierd that two new OCZ PSU's wont work - yet every oother PSU does My suppliers are willing to take it back and let me choose another model - I read somewhere that the "cleanliness" of my power source at home maybe dodgy hence problems - dont know if this is why i'm getting issues? dont want to have to change to another PSU company..... - pls help.....
  9. zoomee

    Watercooling is it anygood

    invested after much deliberation in a full dangerden 1/2" kit - hmmmmmm - not very impressed - my main reason for doing it was for sound (i.e. to lower pc noise) - but that darn pump makes soo much noise (Eheim 1250 - supposed to be one of the quietest) and ontop of all that - The chipset fan is in a bad place for mounting a waterblock. Its a matter of personal choice - personally - I dont think the extra £300 was worth it - would have probably been better off with another SLI card :>
  10. zoomee

    Corsair Ram on NF4 boards

    hey fellas i gots Corsair 3200XLPro - TwinX - 2 x 512MB sticks running currently @ 2-2-25/[email protected] (stock) I've been all the way upto 255 FSB no problem - thats DDR 510 @ 2.5-3-3-6/1T on my MSI Diamond board - darent push it further - PS - that was @ 2.75volts! :> However - exactly the same setup on my DFI SLI-DR has been succefully tested 1:1 @ 250FSB - Thats 500mhz DDR - I'm usually not into overclocking but when I saw the bandwidth increase - yeeehaaa! one liccle problem remains - Cant get this FX-53 to boot using the 10x mutiplier - I used to run 250FSB/500Mem/2500CPU on my Diamond board - but this DFI board refuses to let it get past post when using the 10x multiplier - x9 works fine - so does x11 (well, it posts @ least! but too much for my cpu @ 2750mhz) - my cpu can only do a tops of 2580 hmmm - will try a newer BIOS release once we gets an official one
  11. lol! - I currently have 350 out of 6,000 Dell PC's that are doing the same thing @ work! ;> - which dell cant explain........ have u tried another mouse on your pc? i.e. a different model....ps/2 or usb
  12. zoomee

    DFI PSU Options #3

    DO NOT GET THAT ENERMAX - exactly the one I had couldnt supply enough power to run MSI K8Neo2/AMDFX-53/6800GT @ stock!!! - it kept on resetting whilst mid-games - let alone running a DFI board with SLI lol! Changed to a Tagan TG480-U01 - amazing - silent and uber stable power Ordered the OCZ Modstream 520w - it refused to work with either MSI Diamond and DFI-SLI DR - nothing! - sent it back - brand new replacement - and same again - nothing!!!!! i'm sorry to say OCZ i'm probably gunna get stuck with an Antec Neopower now or i Might go for the new Tagan TG480-U22 - seeing as my supplier cant get any OCZ power supplies in.... - i;d prefer OCZ psu's but they are currently hard to source in the UK
  13. try using a PS/2 keyboard instead of a USB one - it helped me loads......
  14. zoomee

    The ULTIMATE MBM 5 Settings/Help Thread

    respect - thank for the hard work fella :> :nod: took me a total of 2minutes to setup LCDC thanks to your data file Your a star
  15. chipset fan - otherwise nearly perfect - oh - yeah - soundstorm woudda been nice too.....
  16. euck! - zoomeh confronts his first ever corrupt standard BIOS! loads of messing later - turns out the BIOS was corrupt (a personal first for me in 10yrs of doing this erm stuff!) - luckily i found out that as the board would only boot from a device if I had just reset the CMOS. So.... - zoomeh resets cmos - sets up another pc just to download bios and make bootable magic CD - boots from CD and hey presto - latest bios - gotta love em - only DFI supply you with everything to flash a bios just hope it helps others...... now - back to setting up my pc...
  17. Hi fellas, Chucked my MSI Diamond board out and Finally got my DFI SLI-DR setup with some ilccle watercooling - DD TDX Block and Maze4 Acetal GPU block - shame the Maze4 Chipset block doesnt fit - due to pci-e 1 gfx card cutting through middle any other chipset block recommendations appreciated? thanks. currently running noiseblockers so the DFI chipset fan is the loudest!!!! anways - took the chipset block out of the scenario - stuck in a OCZ Modstream 520w and got the following: NOTHING! - the blue led on the OCZ's PSU fan flashed once but the system wouldnt power up first time - tried my tagan - system posts fine !?!??? after that I powered down tried,again and get absolutely nothing with the OCZ.... tagan however seems to work fine........... When the Modstream is connected (yep i'm using the correct ATX extension connector) the system and dram leds on the DFI m/board show amber - i.e they have power - but when I press the on switch I get nothing - please help - i'm hoping its not a dodgy OCZ PSU!!!! - this is my first OCZ purchase anyways - i can get the system to post no probs with my current setup - but I cant get it to boot from any device? i've tried my raptors on NVRAID - gave me a CHECKSUM device error during post!!!!, tried booting from my Maxtor - no joy - also tried booting from my CD/DVD Drive with no joy? the system just reboots after pausing on the boot section where it lists system info and IRQ's etc. any help on the booting and modstream issues mucho appreciated - I;m running the standard 01/05 BIOS that came with it - due to unable to boot - cant update it!!! PS - THIS BOARD LOOKS SO FRIKKIN KOOL!!!!!! - UV rules............. if only the modstream would work
  18. thanks for that Mr ryder - ur a star! any other help on the bootup issue? - thanks
  19. model number is OCZ-520 12U EU - so shall i just get a replacement from my supplier?
  20. oooops - sorry buds - forgot to add - If I need to return it - shall I just send it back to overclock.co.uk - my UK suppliers? - i've only had it a couple of days and could possibly get a quick swap from them..... - thanks in advance for your help....and the uber kwik mind thinking response....
  21. thanks for uber quick reply fella yep - i'm pretty sure its setup alright mate - I've tried a combination of All 24pins and the four pin connector with and without the 4pin molex and 4pin connector - just been reading on OCZ forums about leaving it disconnected and then to reconnect it all - leave for a couple of hours....and try again - did that today with no joy - HANG ON!!!!!..... your the fella I was just about to email!!!!!! - LOL!!! - respect! - i was just in the middle of sending you an email when I decided to come back and cut and paste from this forum! - LOL!...... I havnt tried jumping it yet - will try that - but I dont think that will work as I left is disconnected all night then tried it again today... First time i connected it all the blue led came on for a split second - now i gets nothing from it.....that was only the first ever time though it did that - a couple of days ago with the tagan I can get the board to at least just switch on - power up fans etc with just the ATX 24pin connector and the 4pin ATX connector, so i tried the same on the OCZ - i.e. just the motherboard rigged up - no joy - pls help ;> - this is my first EVER DFI/OCZ build from 10yrs of doing this stuff..... thanks
  22. powerquest imagecentre works fine with imaging on NVRAID and non-raid drives - works on everything i've used so far.....
  23. thats great news fella - hope my build goes as BAAAAAAD as yours ;> my board is due early next week :> PS - respect to whoevers got that bush title line LOL! sounds about right
  24. zoomee

    UT or not UT?

    Ooooh - whilst i'm at it - the only thing in my current setup i will have to change i think is the Maze4 Chipset block I have - Am i correct in thinking this is due to the different positioning between the gfx cards? - i'm thinking of going SLI later with some custom blocks or somat, anyone recommend a 1/2" chipset block for it?
  25. hi fellas, Thanks for helping me decide to buy an SLI-DR and replace my dodgy crappy MSI diamond board - however one iccle wiccle liccle issue remains: The UK website states there is a LanParty NF4 SLI-DR and a Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR??!? - whats the difference? especially seeing as the non-Ut model has all the UV reactive components? I havnt seen the UT model available anywhere only the NF4 SLI-DR model. Any help mucho appreciated...... thanks.