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    SLI-DR - Fried Ram?

    ahhhhh - tis not teh memory - tis teh CPU Waterblock doesnt sit right on the CPU core as its IHS-less Problem is that when you install the waterblock - theres two massivly long screws that go into the motherboard yer? - well no matter how tight they are - they move up and down - anyone else have this prob? Its probably a case of the CPU block installed the wrong way? it wasn't a problem before as the piping didnt put a strain on the CPU block - now it does hmmmm.....I feel dual-core coming on.......this fx-53 has had its day......
  2. Hi all, Hmmmm, bit confused and un-sure if i might have damaged my RAM - heres the script. My system worked perfectly fine at 260FSB 2.5-3-3-8/1T until I decided to change my case - thinking a stacker would help cool my components more I set it up and fired away at 260x10 as per the previous setup. However - I am now having issues getting my ram to the same point using the same timings! Quick question then - If I have fried my ram should it not work at all? or is that what they do - i.e. a little bit of frying=less overclock? sorry for the n00bie question......thanks.
  3. zoomee

    SLI-DR - Fried Ram?

    w00t no replies? I'll take it was too much of a n00bie question then shall i? Just wanted to know if I should buy some more ram today - your help will be mucho appreciated.
  4. check out the Noiseblocker 120mm fans - very good airflow/noise ratio clear too - got three on my rad and they are uber quiet and shift more air than most fans i've had on......
  5. WOW! that high? - and theres me getting worried when it hits 70!!! let alone 110! - saying that is that degrees celcius? anyways - I used the back case fan and instead of it doing nothing - it now blows air back into the case hence improving RAM and PWMIC area - temps are @ 1.65v - between 60 and 70, @1.63 - 45-55 - so i think ill stick with 1.63 PS - whats the max safe voltage I can apply to this chip anyone please? - thanks.
  6. ta m8 finally got the CPU stabalised @ 1.62v - 2666Mhz - that'l do me :>
  7. obviously cleaned it mate - used Isopropyl alchohol to clean my waterblocks and cpu's existing thermal paste off. Applied a wee AS5 to the core - and rubbed a liccle into the waterblock for extra effect. you can see from the pics that they put tons of thermal paste onto the core - the reason for my high temps under load - as i only applied a touch of AS5 - just enough to thinly cover the core using credit card trick. I wouldnt recommend it if your getting ok temps - but I used to get VERY high cpu load temps - but its amazing that putting the waterblock directly onto the core worked a treat - -10degrees off load temps :shake: sitting comfortably full prime stable (4hrs somat) @ 2.6 260x10 or 200x13 - doesnt make that much difference either scores for 3dmark2001se are: 260x10 = 29100ish - mem @ DDR520/2.5-3-3-10 200x13 = 28750ish - mem @ DDR400/2-2-2-5 now I have to find a way of cooling my PWMCI as its currently sitting @ 60degrees before I can push the cpu further...... /zoomee eyes up teh stacker case :> PS - you have to be VERY careful you dont damage the core - My waterblock has spring screws that I tightened at half turns each to ensure the waterblock is resting on my core level - If you chip the core - u had it!
  8. Well peeps, decided to take the plung and crack on with it: A)- strip the FX-53 to its bare bottom - in other words - gunna remove the copper heatspreader on the cpu - bye bye 3 yr warranty D)- Get the hot raptor back inside the case E)- Take better pics than these ones with my motorola v5 phone didnt get round to B and C - which were to install new piping and relocate grpahics card to allow chipset block to be fitted! pics? Got a normal razer blade and chopped off the IHS (Integrated Heatsink and Fan) - put the raptor back into the case as there was better airflow. Now running 2.6Ghz @ 1.54v!!!!! - yipeeeeeeeeee - mission accomplished. By removing the IHS - I noticed from the pic above there was loads of thermal paste between the FX-53's core and the IHS. My temps used to be 42idle 55load @ 2.5/1.52v now i'm getting 38idle 45load @ 2.6/1.55v!!!!! - I can push further probably upto 2.7 but my PWMIC circuit is currently up in the 70degrees whilst under load! - need a new case before I can oc further..... Just thought i'd share my OC endeavours wid ya - PS - Taking the IHS off your CPU invalidates your warranty - I do not sugges anyone else does this to their own - mine was done out of sheer desperation, perseverance, a steady hand, 10yrs of experience - and oh yer - not forgetting the urge to extend my e-penis
  9. omg! - thanks for that fella - your pick of your naked cpu gave me the little umph I needed to strip down my FX-53. GUESS W00T! - currently priming successfully for past hour @ 2.62 - whereas before I could never get above 2.5! yaaay - thanks for the nudge PS - I TOTALLY AGREE WITH JADAWIN - DO SO ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  10. zoomee

    FX-53 overclocking assistance

    used to get bsod EVERYTIME i would try to restart junes bios - i lurve thee - dreams come true - running [email protected] on latest bios with no reboot problems @ all.... just thought i'd let u know if anyone suffers same issues when overclocking.
  11. heya peeps i gots Corsair 3200XLPro - TwinX - 2 x 512MB sticks running currently @ 2-2-5-2/[email protected] (stock) - no probs - stable as can be.... - all settings to auto - memtest etc all fine - stress tested for a full month no probs I've been all the way upto 255 FSB no problem - 1:1/DDR 510 @ 2.5-3-3-6/1T on my old MSI Diamond board with these exact same components- didnt push it further - PS - that was @ 2.85volts for memory! :> - I used to run it @ 250FSB 1:1 with memory and had no problems @ all for a good couple of months However - exactly the same setup on my DFI SLI-DR wont work! one liccle problem remains - Cant get this FX-53 to boot using the 10x mutiplier - I used to run: 250FSBx10= 2500Mhz CPU - x4HTT - all voltages @ stock except [email protected] [email protected]:1=DDR500 - same memory @2.85v all on my old Diamond board But this DFI board refuses to let it get past post when using the 10x multiplier - x9 works fine @250FSB 1:1 - gives me only 2200mhz though for CPU - so does x11 (well, it posts @ least! but too much for my cpu @ 2750mhz) - my cpu can only do a tops of 2580 hmmm - I've even tried the following bioses with rgones memory recommendations - upped the Data drive strength to 8 as suggested by others - but no joy: 3-10 / 310-p /414-3 as soon as I try to overclock past 200FSB system refuses to post using the x10 multiplier - it all worked perfectly fine on the MSI Diamond - I was expecting a little boost with this board not less :confused: Any help is very appreciated - new to DFI (not to ocing though :>) PS - Has anyone noticed that the voltage sticks when upping it through BIOS - I have suffered from this little prob with all BIOSes so far - if I upp it - then lower it - it sticks @ the last highest setting I used until I clear CMOS (as in the whole 10min procedure).... thanks.....zoomee PSS - i think the pic speaks for itself in advising why I changed from the MSI:
  12. lol! - well if ur gunna throw them away ;> only settings i have changed in the bios are as follows: Load optimised defaults - didnt change anything other than the 2.5-3-3-10 settings which you can figure out upon bootup..... ensure u are using the bios for TCCD as thats what our ram is - all i can suggest m8 - before u bin them :>
  13. similar setup to mine - i had trouble constantly with 310-p went up to mays release and that helped allot - stable @ 250x10 - but if i tried to reboot - system would always bsod gots the newer 1606 bios - wow! - works a treat all at same settings - in fact my ram now runs no probs @ DDR500 - 2.5-3-3-7 @2.9v - whereas with the older bioses it wouldnt go lower than 2.5-4-4-8
  14. totally agree angry - please dont get angry with me though ;>, my CPU is only capable of 2500mhz which is why i use that combination....... memory and FSB is the only think I can tweak :< but yer - MORE CPU MHZ - tis the reason i'm selling me FX-53 and swapping for a 3200+
  15. zoomee

    How can I best cool my PWM IC

    try the noiseblocker 120mm fans - uber quiet yet powerful too.... i have the same problem - installed a third fan onto the bottom of my rad (which is mounted @ the top of my case) and this helped aleviate too much heat circulating round the PWMIC and memory area- I still hit around 60Degrees PWMIC temp though......
  16. 101% agree - patience is the key For some like Rgone and Angry sez the 510 bios didnt work - but for me it did the trick :> now running 250x10 1:1 @ 1.52v - more than happy with that I dont get the extra memory bandwidth I did with these components on an different mainboard so I am happy stable 2.5-4-4-7/1T @ 2.9v - it took me a total of 2 weeks to get this setup running on my MSI diamond board - on this board the patience has finally paid off with around 2months worktime involved! :>
  17. have to disagree with that - prime95 can't get my system hotter than when gaming - doesnt matter which game i.e css, or enemy terrirtory - first person shooter will rapidly heatup your system. Bearing in mind my temps overclocked are as follows: CPU:38-55 PWMIC 48-60 and graphics 38-60 when I run prime95 - doesnt matter how long - my cpu temp goes up max to about 48Degrees C - when I game after an hour I hit the top i.e. about 55Degrees C. And before anyone goes on about my temps being high - yes i know - but I am running a .130nm clawhammer FX-53 chip...
  18. finally got a stable overclock @ 250x10 250x10=2500mhz - - needs only 1.52v so not too hot - i know - but my cpu cant handle anything above 2570 - so the trade off on extra memory bandwidth was worth it overall... mem 1:1 DDR500 2.5-4-4-7/1T @ 2.9v - EVERYTHING is set to AUTO... tried 2.5-3-3-7 but had problems rebooting pc - like disk corruption so went a bit laxer @2 .5-4-4-7...still got a 1000MB/s boost on memory bandwidth :> the 510 bios helped allot :> stable and running sw33t... :cool:
  19. zoomee

    FX-53 overclocking assistance

    aha!!! - BIOS 510-3 to the rescue! :> currently running 210x12 1:1 @1.52v 2-2-2-5/1T - fully stable.... tried the following to no avail - bombs out in prime95 (at least I can post and get into windows ) using 1.425v +110% as I know my cpu tops out just after 2.54 infact - running HTT @ 1050 at mo - prime stable @ 2-2-2-5/1T @ 210FSB.. thats better than I could get with my MSI mainboard - wouldnt boot above 204mhz with 2-2-2-5 timings..... so - 210x12 works fine @ 2-2-2-5/1T - havnt changed any memory settings except those stated ie. 2-2-2-5 settings.... Tried 250x10 @ 2.5-4-4-7/1T with no joy - prime failed after 9mins Tried 215x12 @2-2-2-5/1T - no joy either. I know for a fact my memory doesnt like anything above 2.7v so that stays as is... any other suggestions for memory timings @ 250FSB more than welcome.... i.e. a way of getting it stable.... - thanks.
  20. zoomee

    4400+ Dual Core - initial overclocks

    hmmmm - velly interesting :> thanks for that angry Time to sell my Athlon-FX
  21. heh! :> couple of extras i've thrown into the equation since I took them pics: Tagan TG480-U22 PSU Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS AND..... I've custom modded the matrix orbital in the front bay - and got it on the side panel - reet at the top - no need to open case to view stats anymore :> I will take some uber pics once my Sony T7 arrives - LOL! - bought one just to take pics of my pc - sad git i am - oh and after the wee touches are in place - i.e. Led for the Danger Den GPU block plastic thingie on the back of the gfx..... still no joy oc-ing - rig looks the part - doesnt act the part though - might take out the FX-53 and drop a winchester into the equation.....hmmmmm
  22. zoomee

    I HAVE DONE IT! some anyhow

    remember one thing guys - he hasnt got a winchester - he running a clawhammer such as myself - @ stock I idle 38DegreeC load 50 - thats @ stock with my old MSI board running @ 250FSB - 2.5/500mem - temps were upto 60 under load... its cus we have a 0.13 chip - u guys most likely have the 0.09 chips :>
  23. zoomee

    FX-53 overclocking assistance

    no more comments?
  24. got same issue as you mate - same memory too albiet an FX-53 processor which i believe is a 0.13 chip just like yours. i could get 250x10 2500/Mem500 (due to cpu limitation @2580mhz) on my old MSI Diamond board no probs with exact same setup- but on this board it refuses to boot when I use the x10 mutiplier - and attempts using different FSB combinations havnt gone far at all..... Do a search under my name and u should find a post called FX-53 overclocking assistance or somat - it has some recommendations on that to try allot of peeps recommend Data drive strength settings of 8 for the FX-55 - doesnt do anything for my FX-53 currently running @ stock - :( bigtime :( PS - Bear in mind a 2.4 AMD FX chip gives about the same as a 4Ghz Pentium - to get 2.8 out of a 2.6 AMD is quite good too - thats like a 4.4 Pentium or something to that degree..... PSS - Most wincchester chips only have 512kb level 2 cache - whereas the FX's have 1MB - so it sort of levels out with the extra Mhz the winchesters get....me tinks hope this helps.....zoomee