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    Air or Water ?

    if your at the stage you want to mod your pc - go watercooling - its awesome - not only in terms of temperatures, but noise also - I hate the sound of jets firing up - lol! - even whilst gaming there is no raise in noise - unlike when one fires up a graphics card - just imagine how much noise there is in SLI...... tbh - DangerDen for teh win.........you won't look back....
  2. zoomee

    X2 4400+ CPU MAX 2.5GHz???

    mine is under water (heh) - but I can only manage 2.5 @1.4v - anything higher wont stabalise not matter what volts- if i trim the IHS off - will prob get a little higher but not much. 2.5Ghz x2 is nothing to be laughed at anyways - thats still more than a 4800+!
  3. zoomee

    3DMark05 scores....post yours!!

    all graphics settings default except slight overclock on core from 490 to 500mhz and these tests were run before I installed meh Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty. 3dMark 2001se - 31388: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/umar.bashir/3dmark2001.JPG 3dMark 2003 - 19069: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/umar.bashir/3dmark2003.JPG 3dMark 2005 v1.2 - 9025!: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/umar.bashir/3dmark2005.JPG all major sandra tests + CPU-Z + Super-Pi: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/umar.bashir/Sandratests.JPG screenie showing stability + CPU-Z (Prime95 torture test on both cores for 58hours! ) + Temps + Memory: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/umar.bashir/P...ture%20Test.JPG reason its not in the Overclocking database is due to I didnt realise we had to run 3dmark2001se first then Prime95 - I'm sure 58hours is enough proof of stability so I can't be bothered retesting - not enough time for gaming these days
  4. agreed fella - but that why rules are made - to be adhered to I've even had angry responses from mods etc, but I understand when they have to tell peeps the same thing like a gazillion times - it does get irratating.....
  5. no not for other cases unless ur ready to chop your case to bits. The stackers have air holes on the right side panel - hence the crossflow fan can use this to pull fresh air directly onto the mainboard - and yes - its VERY effective. X-Fi fatal1ty - I was dreading this card Sorrento as I heard of all sorts of trouble on the creative forums - but luckily - touch wood - its been perfect. And yes - I had the Audigy 2 ZS before and YES it makes a whole world of difference using this card - try it out in BF2 - everything seems to sound different - the guns sound more realistic - arty sounds awesome etc. - FEAR sounds awesome too. Leave the Audigy 2ZS for the onboard stuff m8 and get one of these X-Fi cards - just dont go for the cheaper ones (the ones without the X-Ram) as they are the cards causing loads of issues mainly with Nforce4 boards.
  6. uh-oh - its been fine so far for me catkicker - what kinda problems bud? In fact - ALL my fans are plugged into the FAN connectors on the mainboard - the rear exhaust fan (noiseblocker) is plugged into the CPU FAN socket and the two noiseblockers on my rad are plugged into the bottom two FAN connectors (albiet I dont think they can be controlled in the bios) - this leaves the crossflow fan plugged into the FAN2 port. Like Angry has sed like a million times - if u gots teh stacker - gets teh crossflow fan as it REALLY helps with ALL mainboard components.
  7. noise wise it helps if u plug the crossflow fan directly onto the mainboard - i have mine on the system fan power on the motherboard - that way it can be controlled without extra software - i.e. In BIOS set PWMIC>50 - means it will only kick in full speed when it needs to - which for me thankfully is only after a couple of hours of gaming.....
  8. hey guys - heres what a watercooled one looks like: rad is REALLY easy to mount at bottom: - no modding required at all if you use a rad shroud at the bottom - works quite well bringing cold air into the case from the bottom mesh. full product log: http://www.coolercases.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=259 pure love for the amount of space available inside - but be warned - add watercooling and you will need a crane to move it! ooops - pic is old - i have the crossflow fan - makes allot of difference - even when on low.....
  9. hey guys, no probs here with me X-Fi Fatal1ty - except the remote doesnt work (which is of very little concern to me seeing the probs others have been having) I aint gunna return this card in case I get a duff one just for the sake of a remote- its awesome to say the least - works perfectly fine on the following games: BF2 CSS Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Saying that - I couldnt get the mic to work with the front I/O panel but plugging it into the actual soundcard works fine. 3d on headphones! - it actually works PS - I gots all setting upto max video and audio and no probs in BF2 so far - infact its pretty flawless - i get a bit of choppyness in CSS but I'm putting that down to drivers as its fine in all other games...
  10. hotfix? - excellent - even though i've never had trouble playing any of the following: CS:Source (HL2 Mod) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - www.ghostworks.co.uk FarCry Got my CPU clocked to 250x10 - 166divider - running sw33t 24/7 (primed for 58hours!) Now you come to mention it - I never had trouble playing BF2 online - Went to a LAN lastweekend and funnily enough BF2 kept kicking me after 5mins of play - will try the hotfix when i next get chance (dont hold ur breath - probably another 6months away ) sorry, gots the JH-E6 revision according to CPU-Z - and I havnt installed ANY extra drivers for the AMDx2 or the CnQ stuff - as I heard they are no-go's for when overclocking - no need for CnQ when watercooling really Going to switch to WinXP64 next week and will give them all a try on that - am sure winx64 will flag up any problems with both cores and all them games....
  11. zoomee

    7800 gt suttering problems

    need 2Gb of RAM - apparantly this sorts the issue for allot as it is quiet a memory intensive game...
  12. zoomee

    Socket 939 Discussion Thread

    awww - ahh well - at least I know she's stable enough to be left on over a weekend - left it running as I went on a 500mile trip to glasgow thanks THunDA......zoomee. One quickie last qeustion without having to read through 15 threads - 3dmark run before - or after the prime session please? thanks again.
  13. zoomee

    Socket 939 Discussion Thread

    heya guys thought i'd post up on my setup - similar to others but less overclock 1 prob: I ran 58Hours of prime95 on both cores without failure and took a screenie with it looking like follows: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/umar.bashir/P...ture%20Test.JPG Now I know I missed off the 3dmark - darn it! - really can't be bothered re-doing another prime95 test (leaves little time for gaming ) - would that be ok? obviously i'll need screenies of the other tests too.....
  14. hey liverpudlian! - not far from me and literally the same setup as mine PM me and I will send you my BIOS settings - remember - our RAM is not really for overclocking - if you want to overclock the memory bigtime you will need the other sticks of OCZ 2Gb RAM that runs at DDR500 CL-3-4-4-8 or somat - highest i've managed to get out of my ram was 227mhz - but that was pushing it bigtime, besides it makes little benefit to 3dmark 2003 and 2005 etc......hence the reason why I'm sat at 250x10 with a 5/06 memory divider - it actually works quite well - as I was running [email protected]/1T before with my 2 x 512MB Corsair 3200XLPro. The only difference I've noticed the extra memory bandwidth gives is a couple hundred more 3dmark2001 points and obviously memory benchmarks increase but overall system performance don't really make that much difference......the 2gb helps though for FEAR and the likes of BF2 - I'm getting 3dmark2005 score of 9160 with just one GTX card - - that'll do me for now oh yer - according to some of my tests 2.9v is not of much use to this memory - however 2.8 seems to be the sw33t spot hope this helps - umar......Huddersfield, UK - 20miles east of ya
  15. tried a lower multi? my 4400+ wont post at above 220mhz @ 11x (auto) multi Dropping it down to 10x helped loads - currently stable with 3 day prime95 on both cores @ 2.5 - (which is the least oc i would expect from this cpu taking into account most peeps oc-ing these chips are hittin 2.6)
  16. DD rules the whole point of watercooling for me is to keep the darn noise down - I hate the sound of fans whirring upto full speed - hence CPUI and GPU waterblock - its just a shame I can't figure out what to do with the one fan left in my system - the chipset fan!
  17. heres a pic of one already in my system: runs uber sw33t - idle temps around 43Degrees C - up from the usual 38Degrees due to slight overclock - from 490/1300 > 500/1300 the best thing is - no noise!
  18. pic but with old memory...... full project log can be found at: http://www.coolercases.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=259
  19. pics of my new setup - sorry for waiting so long to post couldnt help myself seeing all them uv reactive bits :cool: I've incorporated all the following into a Coolermaster Wavemaster case: - except the raptor - sitting in an external icybox-sts: ZoomeeFX Spec ZoomeeFX Spec: AMDFX53 @ 2500Mhz-Dangerden TDX WaterBlock DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR 250FSB 1Gb Corsair 3200XLPro [email protected]/1T @2.90v MSI RX800XT-VTD256E - DD Maze4 Acetal GPU Block @ 550/500 74Gb Sata Raptor 10Krpm - Icybox sts external blk box 300Gb Seagate NCQ 7200.8 - Internal Sony DVD-RW DW-D22A Dual Layer Writer DD Floppy Bay Res, Eheim 1250 Pump - Full 1/2" System Tagan TG-480-U22 PSU - Combined 30A/12v mode Custom mod Coolermaster Black aluminium Wavemaster case -Blue tint side panel with custom mod Matrix Orbital MX212 -Top 120.2 Thermochill radiator (3x120mm Noiseblocker fans) -1 x 80mm Noiseblocker frnt /intake fan -1 x blue UV reactive fan /exhaust -2 x 12" UV cathodes Creative Audigy 2ZS with i-trigue 3300 2.1 speakers Iiyama Prolite E430s non-dvi - 17" TFT 1280 x 1024 for everything! Logitech Mx700 & Dell performance USB K/brd having a bit of trouble oc-ing as yet - please see my post: FX-53 overclocking assistance - thanks. PS - Pee's all over my diamond board @ stock - just need to get the oc-ing working now ;> sorry bouts the poor quality pics - not bad for a motorola v3 phone though :> heh - and b4 u watercooling pros start slagging me - yes i know - the pipes need a clean from the inside PSS - For more info and pics on slapping a 120.2 rad into one of these cases please checkout www.coolercases.co.uk - supplier of all my watercooling and modding bits and bobs :>
  20. some changes: AMD x2 4400+ - Dangerden TDX Block @1.4v 250x10 - 2.5 on both cores!! DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR - @250FSB x4HTT 0623 BIOS 2 x 1Gb OCZ4002048ELDLPE-K (5/06) [email protected]/1T 2.8v XFX 7800GTX Gamers Edition 500/1300 -DangerDen NV-78 Block 74Gb Sata Raptor HDD - 300Gb Seagate NCQ 7200.8 Sony DVD-RW Dual layer DRW-D22A Creative Audigy 2ZS Tagan T480-U22 2F PSU 12v/30A Combined mode 3dMark 2001se - 29747 3dMark 2005 v1.2 - 8806 3dMark 2005 v1.2 - 8610 - No overclock on CPU or GPU i.e. 2.2 CPU + 490/1300 GPU using forceware 81.xx beta drivers i scored 9175 on 3dmark2005 - Hax tbh! Sisoft Sandra Tests: CPU Arithmetic: Mine (2.5):24391Mips - 8321/10968MFlops 4800+:20630Mips - 7618/9970 MFlops Pentium4 2Core XE:18752Mips - 7801/13307MFlops 4400+:18911Mips - 6983/9139MFlops FX-57:12034Mips - 444/5816 Mulltimedia CPU: Mine - 49293/54441 Pentium4 2Core XE - 46041/60878 4800+ - 45955/49841 4400+ - 42126/45357 FX-57 - 26807/28864 Memory Bandwidth Test: with 2 x 1Gb OCZ PC3200 EL Platinum [email protected]/1T: 5967/5952 with 2 x 512MB Corsair 3200XLPro [email protected]/1T: 6100/6050-ish! will post screenies after i gets bak from glasgow
  21. ditto nomad - i'll pm you with some more results l8r m8
  22. my gosh! 2850!!! - thats two FX-57's mate! lol....I dont think i'll tinker with mine just yet until I replace the RAM too - 2.5 is kk for moi. Keep us posted on your final results mate - THEN - i'll push mine a liccle more - lol! 1.66V!!!! - thats a tad high for a toledo aint it? taking into account they are 1.3v @ stock....
  23. hey nomad! finally took the plung eh? :> Got my 4400+ last week as we discussed - my FX-53 pooped out on me aswell!!- I dont know what happened - All I did was change cases (hence had to reseat CPU) and ever since the FX-53 refused to overclock (works fine at stock). My 4400+ is currently running 250x10 @ 1.39v! - Thats more than two FX-53's!!! so i'm well happy with that.... I could probably oc it more but I am taking a lesson learnt, taking it easy and defo not removing the IHS as i'm sure I damaged the core a tad hence no more overclocking on my FX-53. Saying that it doesnt really matter - gunna put it into a shuttle - gots me old fx-53/x800-xt waiting till next payday 2.4's not bad in a shuttle!. Let me know how your overclocking endeavours go - its interesting - I couldnt get it stable over 220x11 - but after dropping to the x10 multi it works perfectly fine - Primed on both cores for 5 solid hours no probs @2.5......
  24. zoomee

    X2 4800+ OC problems

    my corsair 3200xlpro needs 2.9v on this motherboard to be stable at just 400mhz-2-2-2-5! on me older MSI K8 Diamond - 2.8 was more than enough! currently running 250x10 @ 1.39v memory @2.9v one guy managed to get his corsair (same as mine) upto 245mhz 2-2-2-5 @ 3.1V!!!! - i'd never try that as memory fans are a must.....
  25. zoomee

    X2 4800+ OC problems

    try a lower mulitplier guys my 4400+ refused to clock at all core1 (core 0 was fine) at any voltage using the auto setting i.e. multi x11 Prime would fail on second core within 2 mins Set it to x10 and upped the FSB - currentl priming for 30mins no probs @ 240x10 instead of 220x11 - looking good......