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  1. for pc3200 250 is pretty good, you win some you lose some thats overclocking for you you might get a bit more if you burn them in for a few weeks.
  2. hmm always thought the marvell one was better, i think i'll try the nvidia one then
  3. i have mine set at 10gb, which is more than enough for me as i dont install many programs and my games are on another partition.
  4. 24/7 :nod: something new usally comes out before it breaks
  5. thanks man, i think i'll try the 623 bios to see if that fixes it.
  6. every time i reboot i have to check the fans just in case. is this related to one bios or can it happen with any of them?
  7. this has happened to me a few times, also when this happens the chipset fan stops running. it usally happens when rebooting, although not to often. is this a bios problem? im using 510-2F.
  8. For me the Mushkin redline are the best, i've had ocz 3200vx that would do [email protected] which is not to bad. ive also had ocz 3200 gold which were the worst sticks of ram ive ever had, they would only do 220 at 3.0v they totally hated high voltage and thats with burning them in for a month. the muskins will do [email protected] so far(only had them 3 weeks) :nod: btw the mushkins booted at [email protected] straight out of the box, none of that you have to burn them in BS that other companys say you have to do
  9. seems to high, mine idles at 38C 2280rpm. do you have good air flow in your case?
  10. man i cant keep up with all these bios's :nod:
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