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  1. Back to the front page, stuff is going to Ebay soon if it doesn't sell :sad:
  2. Looks great! This is much more readable than the old style I like it
  3. Can't wait to try it out, I loved the 6.5 version. Very easy to use and professionally done too Thanks for your hard work, I for one can't live without your bios flash CDs.
  4. My Lian Li G70 with Thermochill PA120-3 mounted internally She's a big'un Lots of room for modding I have it set up a little different now, but here's a general idea I removed the top PSU bay to make tubing routing easier, with the psu mounted in the top I think there is still enough room for a 120-2. Or, you could just mount it on the bottom of the case on standoffs.
  5. Just back from fishing bump
  6. Killed the old thread because all the stuff in it is gone, title was no longer accurate. Got a new batch of goodies for sale! I need to cut back to 1 939 processor, I will keep whichever doesn't sell, its too hard to decide since they both kick butt AMD Opteron 146 CAB1E 0614EPMW $170 shipped This little gem did 3.05 for me at around 1.45V IIRC, didn't really try pushing any more. Was going to be my 24/7 processor til i brought my 170 back from the dead I hate to sell it but I need cash more than I need a backup processor. AMD Opteron 170 CCB1E 0550 VPMW IHS removed - $325 shipped This is the chip in my OC database entry here , running at 2750 There is one SMD resistor removed because it was chipped, but it doesn't seem to make a single bit of difference, still clocks to 2.8 no problem Here's 22 hours prime stable on the 146, using my SLI-D and some TCCD OCZ platinums ATI All in Wonder 2006 Edition PCI-E Retail $90 shipped. I used this for less than 2 weeks while awaiting a RMA on my X1900XT. Was going to build a media center PC around it but decided I don't need one. Same card as this one. Asus A8R32-MVP Crossfire motherboard- $140 shipped This the highly reviewed Crossfire motherboard, just not my cup of tea I guess. It overclocks pretty decent, just not quite as well as my DFI. Not many hours on it, just got it back from Asus RMA Accessories all included, most still in plastic I thought I had it sold, but the buyer couldn't come up with the cash right now OCZ Powerstream 520 - $70 shipped It's the older model with the green LED fan instead of blue and only 1 PCI-E lead, but still a strong PSU and still lots of warranty left Danger Den ATI-X18 - dremeled to fit X1900XT $75 shipped I maxed out the ATI built in OC utility with this block, works great. Has the voltage regulator bridge as well. Product info here. I decided to go back to my Swiftech GPU block and ramsinks, they work better with my particular loop setup. More to come! Paypal highly preferred. My free shipping is US only via FedEx ground or USPS priority mail, unless you want to make other arrangements. I may possibly consider shipping overseas or to Canada. Wanted: DFI CFX3200-DR , ATI 1900 Crossfire master card, digital camera My Heatware
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