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  1. OK I have run into a minor stopage w/ my OCing. No matter what I do my ram won't go over 260. I am running Patriot 3200 2x512 XBL Kit 2-2-2-5 SO I think they should be able to do more. I am also running my CPU @ a reduced mult. so thats not the issue. My current setup is in my sig and here are my timings. FSB: 270 LDT/FSB: 3x LDT: 16/16 CPU/FSB: 7x PCIe: 100 CPU VID Startup: 1.4 CPU VID: 1.4 VID Special: 113% LDT V: 1.5 Chipset V: 1.8 vRAM: 2.8 +.03V: Yes Dram Freq.:200 CPC: Yes tCl: 2.5 tRCD:3 tRAS:8 tRP:3 tRC:11 tRFC:14 tRRD:2 tWR:2 tWTR:2 tRTW:3 tREF:3120 tWCL:1 Interleave: Yes Skew Control: Decrease Skew Value: 0 Drive Strenth: 8 (with these settings anything but 8 gives me instability) Data Drive: 1 (with these settings anything but 8 gives me instability) Max Async: 8 Responce Time: Normal Read Preamble: 5 Idle Limit: 256 D/C:Disable R/W Queue: 16 Bypass Max: 7 Granulation: 4 Burst Any help would be most appreciated, eventually I want to be running about 312 so any sugestion in that regard would also be welcome.
  2. Well if money is not an issue get the expert, it will provide slightly better preformance because of the tweaking DFI has done to it. That said it probably won't have that big an impact on OC'ing so you could safely go with the Ultra and not have a problem. That is unless you don't like having to mod it to SLI yourself (unlikely by your earlier remarks) or you really need the extra SATA. As for the BIOS only you can determine what is best, just get one and experiment, if you don't have good luck get another. Simple as that.
  3. Well in theory the SATA bus is linked to the PCIE but that is linked to the FSB/HTT so when you OC the HTT the SATA bus goes out of spec but PATA is not effected the same way. At least this explains the problems in other Mobos but now nVidia was suppose to have locked the PCIE bus so that wouldn't happen anymore so it shouldn't effect the newer boards i.e. nF4's. Maybe Angry, Rone, or EXRodie would know more. Just my $0.02
  4. OK I am wondering if it as better to go with one 1x1024Mb stick or 2x512Mb sticks of RAM and be able to run it in dual channel mode. Basically would the single stick clock higher and if so would the dual channel benefits be greater that the higher clock. Cheers, Roughneck
  5. 1. Well as far as I know all routers have firewalls. 2. I use both zonealarm and nForce FW because it gives me better outbound control. 3. I belive the two firewall rule is only applicable for software-based firewalls. But as I said all this is as far as I know, if anyone has more acurate info feel free to add to/correct mine.
  6. OK, so here's the deal, I am planning to build a chilled water setup need to know if 1. There is a problem using the silver danger den block w/ lucite top at -70 C or so, I have heard the lucite can crack/break at those low temps. 2. If so, could Danger Den possibly replace the lucite with something else or would I have to just go with the copper one. Cheers, Roughneck
  7. When i did it I just used the tool that was included with the kit for molex connectors. It was just a tube that fit over the molex pins real tight and a plunger that pushed the pin out. The pins look like this: Front:-()- Kinda, from a side view, the "-" are the barbs that stick out from the side of the pins that keep them in place, basically the tube forces those flat with the rest of the pin and then it can be pushed out the back. The FDD conector was kinda tricky since I had no idea what I was doing, ended up removing it with an eyeglass screwdriver by drpressing the pin down like so. Front: _|_ | | Although it is a slightly more complicated mechinism than pictured above it is basically the same principal or depressing the barb and sliding the pin out. Hoped this helped, Roughneck P.S. How are you planning to get the sleaving on?
  8. I couldn't find any HDD coolers on there site but I really want to keep the heat to a minimum and I am after the absolute max preformance and figured while I am building this great chilled water setup I might as well cool everything (CPU, RAM, Chipset, SLI'ed cards, HDDs)
  9. OK, I want to water cool my HDDs and am wondering what mfg./model is the best. I plan to have 8 HDDs in a RAID 10 and with that much activity it will generate a lot of heat. I know that the water cooling alone won't help performance much/any but I want to use chilled water (-70 degrees C or so) and was also wondering if there is any known problems with supercooling a HDD besides the obvious condensation issue. Cheers, Roughneck
  10. Try making a new disk on a new floppy, use DFI's drivers here and good luck
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