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  1. Price is of no issue. I just want something a psu that u guys said would get me a better OC from the previous posts. Yes i'm in HS, only child, don't have job, but have 2 parents = 2jobs. :nod: .
  2. LOL. my mx510 does the hissing sound it's ok. just screw it. By the way i don't think u've gotten that great of an OC job. idk u sound n00bish. no offense. post some more of ur settings.
  3. /"strokes my fu-man-chu" ok guys I'm not all that convinced but since i've been wanting to do that for a while anyway, i'll get a new PS, looking at the powerstream 520 and or that GamerXstream. Anyone know anything bout the gamerxstream, i can't seem to find any reviews. ok just checked temps again,, i'm scared.. DURING Super-Pi 32M won't top that number at all now. http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h258/Inveterate/TEMP.jpg
  4. GUYS, i need serious Commentary/help/explination on what happened.. LIKE it's magical in an alarmingly bad good way.. I ran prime at 12o'clock last night and till now when i just got home.. THE prime got my comp to 52C last night when it started.. RIGHT now it's at 47-49C. WTF is going on. It is not thermal throttleing as i checked cpuz and s-pi 32M. cpuz show 2.898ghz still and super pi ran 32M and temp never hit above 47C.... DID I BREAK THE TERMAL MONITOR. like did it finally crack or something.. I"M VERY CONCERNED that it is running so cool all of a sudden.
  5. DUDE yo,, rig a small fan, the stock AMD FAN rip it off the heat sink and rig tohave it blow at the pwmics directly bout 2 inches away. my pwmic never exeeds 38. :nod:
  6. didn't have much trouble with the psu god bless.. But how does a better psu help me in this case when the voltage is solid and more than enough watts for 79gt and single proc
  7. GOT my opty 144, now it' is at 2.9ghz 322x9 mem at 9/10 = 289x2 2.5 - 4 - 3 - 7 2.94Volts Ultra D Bios 704-BTA Idle 35C, Load on PRIME95 52C. Load on games, 47C top. Are these temperatures acceptable, I'm using 1.552 Volts by the way, and it absolutely rock solid at both load and idle no droops whatsoever. Suggestions on further development? TIA It is already prime 24hr stable
  8. O.o really, how bad is aspire, i mean its 32A on the 12 volt and I know i'm never doing SLI. Do you all think there is a need? cuz i've considered that before and put it off cuz it didn't seem absolutely necessary since i got the oc i wanted with the "winch" and everything was stable for like 1.3 years.
  9. What is the diff betwee the BT and BTA,, and which would i use for TCCD.. side question is the -1 for tccd or -3, i've heard both
  10. I am currently using the Winchester on the 509-1 bios with ocz plat rev 2. what bios should i switch to for my new opty 144
  11. YIkes actual liquid metal, makes me think of T1000 from Terminator 2. This stuff is Conductive right?? I honestly wouldn't risk this for 5 C drop.
  12. thx lotz .. Also i just got a new proc Opteron 144 what oskar bios do i use for it.
  13. Is it possible at all to Use the Bottom x16 slot of my board @ x16, i've noticed it only works at 2x, while the box obviously claims that both slots are x16. I ask this because if i can use the bottom slot, i can install better coolers to my g card cuz of more space. I don't need SLI.
  14. Ahh,, the new version actually has fixes from the Prior motherboard, where the ram voltage over 3 volts using those jumpers caused serious damage to connected peripherals and the board itself. It might have some extended features as well.
  15. I just updated the bios for my N force 3 ultra D. Because the original one didn't have a 1:1 memory option.. I'm running a Venice 3000+ chip @ 2500 with 1.552 volts. The chip i've tested in another comp to be stable. However this computer is having trouble booting.. Has anyone else with this Mother board met this issue. Most times this thing would shut down just fine, but the reboot sometimes does not work. It would just hang after it gets out of windows with the fans and hd still running, but the screen is blank and it won't come back up.. Again, shutdowns are fine, Booting and rebooting are issues.
  16. On my ultra D, i have to use 3.04 volts to get DDR480 @ 2 3 2 5. What should my timings be if i want to lower that voltage without slowing the mem. & should i do anything about the other 20+ Values that the Ultra D lets me set????
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