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  1. make an offer. not sure what its worth now but i am trying to get rid of the whole system to pay bills.
  2. - Shuttle Box-SB61G2-modded to be able to fit Thermal Take Volcano 7+ for proc Pentium 4 socket 478, 865 northbridge, ICH5 southbridge Onboard audio and video, lan Comes with Samsung 48X CD-RW/DVD-rom combo drive Stealthed AS SEEN HERE http://www.overclockersclub.com/gallery/?a....jpg&id=260 (Case color is black now, BOth sides have been cut to fit plexy windows but we never installed) (missing some screws on pci/agp holddowns) - Pentium 4 3.2C 800mhz FSB w/o heatsink. Had at 3.84 on Danger den water cooling setup. Been runnign at stock speeds for well over 2 years. - 1GB (512x2) OCZ Platinum PC4000 (DDR500) memory. Matched Set Capable of 250fsb. Tested on 2.4C that reached 3.6ghz (first 2.4C at 300fsb on OCC way back when) - Audigy 2 Sound card. no driver program cd, card still works like the day i got it -Western Digital Raptor 36GB 10K SATA HD. No damage will format upon sell. WILL PART OUT BUT WOULD PREFER TO KEEP TOGETHER. PLEASE MAKE OFFERS. HAVE NEW ATHLON X2 SYSTEM ON WAY NEED TO PAY BILLS. THX
  3. note guys the 20 to 24 pin connector does work but will not bring out the full performance of the mobo. I would get that adapter for the time being and then when Antec or Enermax release a 24 pin psu to get one from them.
  4. Stable mobo's for o/cing a 478 proc are either the Asus P4P800 Deluxe which is more stable than the P4C800 its a 865 chipset if u have ot have the 875 then i would go for the Abit IC7-Max3. Both have proven themselves. Both boards gave a 2.4C -3.6ghz o/c on air cooling and rock solid stability.
  5. all the "intel" branded motherboards don't have o/c options to my knowledge
  6. your gonna be better of sticking with that 2.6C for overclocking if your using air or water. I would only recomend getting a 3.0 or 3.2C if you have a prommie (vapor cooling). That 2.6 should carry u up to atleast 3.6. Try a new mobo like the IC7 max3. Also its alittle outdated but the 865PE Asus P4P800 standard or deluxe are also good boards to use. I have used both and u might like them better than the one u have now for o/cing.
  7. been a long time since I have posted here but they are right. If your choosing to go with intel I would stick with a northwood. 2.4C. if you go back in the OCC records u will find I was the first one here with a d9 stepping 2.4C to hit 300fsb (3.6ghz) on air. since then I have gone to a 3.2C and I would have to say I would have stuck with the 2.4C if I knew this 3.2C wasn't gonna do much. I planned on w/c this setup and still can't hit above 4ghz so is not worth it. 2.4C D9 or M0 stepping will be just fine.
  8. Best off going with a Northwood proc either a 2.4-2.8C and some PC-4000. and if u really want to push things get a 2.4C and try to push for 300fsb.
  9. I had a 1.6A P4 that would do 133fsb 2.7ghz just fine. on stock voltage and cooling so thy will push up to about the 2.7 level.
  10. yep Kevin That would be good. as long as its a Shuttle XPC system case.
  11. 1.6A's will hit 2.7ghz on stock voltage and stock cooler with no problems. and I have an extra mobo that needs a Intel "A" proc
  12. please use a messanging program to talk to me about pricing here are my listed names on 3 of the major chat progs. AIM: boxer703 Yahoo: [email protected] MSN: [email protected] the emails listed above are not checked but if u decide to email me please send emails to [email protected] Thx.
  13. look for them. I prefer the 1.6A's 1.8A is pushing it. anthing above that i don't want.
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