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  1. Well, just to let you guys know.. I recieved my Evga 7900GT co Superclocked about 2 weeks back, and only after a few days it started producing heavy artifacts after about ½ hour of gameplay.. I googled the problem a bit today, and it seems that quite a few users of this exact card are having this problem. It seems that somehow eVGA managed to send out the Superclocked cards with bad memory in the first batch, so about 30% of the cards will experience this.. So if you plan on buying an eVGA 7900GT superclocked, I'd take BFG or XFX instead until we are sure all the first batch cards are out of the way..
  2. Well, 2nd one to Denmark here... Venus #944 - and the store still has some http://www.midtdata.dk I added myself to the map as well... I quite happy with it, but I'm pretty sure I could have gone by with an Expert or even my old SLI-D..
  3. They launched today on the ocz site as far as I know.. Noone knows anything, and everyone is awaiting first tests, but they look good...
  4. Once again, check the excellent sticky thread for recommended PSU's.. There are lists for SLI, silent, modular, cheap and generally recommended PSU's
  5. Even with the best cpu out there with a mad OC on it, you'll probably only see af MAX 5-10% increase in gaming performance at resolutions og 1024*768 and above. The same in 3dmark05.. A 3500+ actually performs well enough today to not hinder performance at high resolutions. Only thing that can help you get a solid boost is a graphics card update - and since you have the very best (short of quad-gpu) you won't get higher at the current tech level..
  6. Fortron Epsilon 600w/700w definately..
  7. The Gamerxtream is not out yet, but that's OCZ's new PSU.. Nobody knows how it works, so if you have to buy today go for the Powerstream..
  8. First of all, I peak at MAX load at 45 degrees celsius with my Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 64.. That's at 1.45v on the Vcore.. If you're aiming for 2.8, you'll probably need water or "worse" :-).. To Clear a CMOS completely, you need to take out the flat battery on your motherboard also.. There is a "dfi-street style cmos clear" guide somewhere in the guides forum.. Don't flash bios unless you hit a bump of some sort.. Just put in both sticks of ram in the orange slots.. Also, put all your hardware in, otherwise you can't trust your OC to be stable once you put more hardware in..
  9. I have yet to see my pc4000 Gold XTC stable at more than 253 (1T) and 260 (2t)... That's on a Venus board..
  10. Prime stresses cpu more than memory, so my guess is that it's a memory fault.. If you do a custom test and put 80% of your memory to be used, can you still complete 30 minutes of Prime? Can you complete memory bandwith benchmarks in Sisoft Sandra or Everest?
  11. Well, if I'm reading it correctly, you're trying to run gameservers via. a wireless link? That's just doomed to lag like a son-of-bi*** even on a 100mbit Internet connection.. Also, Battlefield servers have severe requirements for the connections.. You will never be able to run more than 6-8 people on that connection.. If you really want to run these servers from your room, I'd suggest just getting one cable laid, and then use a switch to share that connection.. Get a DGL-4300 as the main router, so you at least get a gigabit uplink (if the switch has one as well)..
  12. I'm pretty sure the 510 could power it also. I've never had a case like that one, but I do know the PCP&C 1kw is quite a bit longer than a standard PSU, so you need a case with no "back stopper" by the PSU mounting plate.. (I had one in my old Wavemaster).. Forget everything besides PCP&C, FOrtron and OCZ.. Noone knows ANYTHING about the GamerXtreme yet, but I do doubt that it'll suck ;-).. The Fortrons are very nice indeed, and quite a bit cheaper than the other ones (at least in my country - 600w is close to half the price of a Powerstream 600w) If money (and noise) is no object and you're looking to future proof, then go for the PCP&C 1KW and be the envy of everyone :-D
  13. I'll answer the last 2 questions there.. You won't have any theoretical issues connecting via wireless at a distance.. But ofcourse it comes down to signal strength and possible noise sources.. Does someone close to you have a laptop with wireless? You could take it into your room and check the signal strength.. It's impossible to know beforehand.. The last question.. Well, you could connect on both wire and wireless to the same router. The router would just see it as 2 different machines.. You own machine however would probably be a bit confused, as it now has 2 means of reaching your internet gateway.. I'm not sure exactly how windows will handle this, but when it comes down to it, you won't get double speed as you theorise.. If your internet is 2mbits, then you'll never get more than 2mbit from it, no matter how many ports you bundle on your router.. Now IF the router is some kind of shared router with some kind of bandwith limit pr. user set up on it.. Ex. 10mbit internet, and each user gets 1mbit, and it defines a "user" automatically as "1 connected MAC address", then you COULD get 2mbit from it by selecting via manual routing on your windows which NIC should download from which site.. But this is highly theoretical, and the local network administrator should be shot on sight if he made a blunder like that :-)
  14. Can some of you lucky owners check your new cooler and compare it to VC-RF and VC-RD.. I have found the RF one in Poland and the RD one i UK, but that's it for Europe and small Evercool chipset fans :-(.. I'm just trying to figure out if it'll fit and be as good as the RE one.. Maybe we can put together a group order for us Europeans otherwise, and only pay European tax once.. I think they come in packages of 60pcs, and it'll be around 440 Euro's + EU tax, customs and shipping.. So maybe around 500 Euro's for 60.. That'll be 8.2 Euro's pr. piece + shipping to whereever you are in EU.. I think I'd be able to ship them at 10-11 Euro's anywhere in EU, but I'd have to do the precise calculations.. Or someone else could do it? Perhaps someone who already has a registered company and does other business already..
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