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  1. @HG: I have understand you, the RD600 Mobo isn't the best Intelmobo?
  2. @MeDS: No problem. DFI will release a new Mobo with RD600 Chips and this will be the end for asus :cool:
  3. Okay and in Apps? Any difference?
  4. I see but one important question. Is XP64 faster in games than XP and in applications? I need an exact answer.
  5. Okay thanks but WIndows Vista will replace X64 and it will come soon.
  6. X64 Professional isn't so fast as XP Professional. Is this right? I have heard, X64 aren't 100% ready for 64-bit systems.
  7. I got a stable system but one problem. I need suggestions about crashes without BSODS. I have a stable system after memtest and occt test but after the installation of windows. I get a crash (without bluescreen) with reboot in a random time. After the reboot windows xp shows an error window without any known problems. Where is the problem for my system crash? I need help. My system: 200 en 2.0 3 8 3 8 14 2 3 2 2 4708 auto en aut 0 level 7 level 2 7.0 normal auto 256 dis 16x 7x disable 4bursts 240 4x 16 16 auto 100 dis startup 1.3v 123% 1.3 1.7 2.9 It passed memtest #5 #8 after more than 15 passes and OCCT with highest CPU Load and 256mb memory.
  8. They have very good suggestions so i hope i can get stable settings. Oh i have forgotten it. 618-3 is my last bios.
  9. Thank you but do you believe it's a ram problem?
  10. So i am back. I can install windows again. I have cleared the problem but my system is not stable. I can't get my system stable with every settings. My last settings are the same from my first post only data & drive strenght 7 3. Any suggestions to get my system stable without OC?
  11. Push. I need suggestions please.
  12. Push. Any suggestions?
  13. It's my IBM 80 GB. CPU Temps are between 35-42°C System temps 40-45°C What is the heatsink? What shall i recheck? Yes i have increased more voltage but not overvolted. CPU Voltages is 1,3v 123% LDT 1.4v Chipset 1.7v And another news about my system. I tried to install windows without my IDE HDD and Primary Drivers (it's my burner Plextor Plexwriter) and i used optimized defaults in Bios ( FSB (auto) x 7 (manual) and i could install windows without any errors (not even ntfs.sys). It runs perfect but then i retried to use my old settings and with IDE = no chance i got the same erros (ntfs.sys). It's Bios or Mobo problem? What settings are specific for HDD and IDE? I have maybe to strong settings.
  14. No SATA Port 1-2 off 3-4 on and ALL ide off? Not possible because i could not boot windows cd without ide. Do you mean HDD IDE?
  15. So i am back. Nothing runs. I took your suggestions with 1 HDD, ... and i can't find out the problem. My HDDs are sick? I tried with Fdisk and Fdisk can't find any partitions. I made some partitions with windows and paritition magic and fdisk couldn't find it! Memory is okay. I tried with one stick and memtest shows no errors. It's either Mobo or my sick HDD (SATA is 1 year old i can't believe it's broken). Need big help.
  16. Okay this is my last chance. Hope you are right. Thx.
  17. Push. I need help please i have too many problems with my system. I can't install windows on the IDE or SATA HDD. I got the same BSODs (ntfs.sys). What shall i do? It's maybe my Mobo? Anything goes wrong.
  18. Any suggestions about my problem?
  19. I got my system stable with a divider ! It was a bad choice but now i can't install windows without the divider (166) i want 200 but if i set DRAM:FSB to 200 i get bad BSODs. A big . for my system.
  20. Ok i hope you are right but i mean i want to get my system stable without DIVIDER but i can't get it stable because my install crashes if i set my DRAM:FSB 1:1 so i must reset it to 5:4 (166) and i can't clear the problem
  21. Hello! Same problem with dividier but i can't install windows if i disable interleave and 2T. It shows a BSOD "nonpaged area" What shall i do?
  22. Thank you for your advice. Is the Bios 618 final good and stable for my TCCD and CPU? If not so i downgrade it to 310P. 2T is a very good suggestion. I will test it. I have tested each stick and it runs perfectly. The problem is most of my older settings (like 2.4-3-4-10) passes Memtest without any errors and i can't find out the problem with windows. Most of the settings were copied by another members who said it runs stable (2.5-3-3-8, etc.). Memtest passed but windows gave a bad result. So i need exactly stable settings for my Ram without any "Auto" and it's very hard to find out the stable settings for windows.
  23. So i can't get 200x10 or 200x9 stable. CPU is broken. . Winnie.
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