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  1. Well, it happened first time by itself, without me changing bios or anything else. and since, diagnostic outcome hasnt changed, so if mobo got fried by itself the first time, then it is fried. i would expect at least something to tell me that my work changed anything, but no. I would actually be glad to know that damn thing is fried, since i would just throw it away, and gave up on cpu and ram sticks, and then start from scratch somewhere else....intel dual core maybe.... memory was chep, since i just didnt have more money to come up with when i was buying all components, and it was meant to be memory for my download rig, but since, i never had reason to get any other ones. and board fell a sleep after only few months of use, so i didnt have a chance to update the BIOS. So, would be able to give me some input on obtaining that new bios chip, where to get it from, and how much that pleasure could cost me ??? and if anyone can give me any input about RMA procedure as well, since i never had to do it before. Thanks everyone for all help, I am getting, its nice feeling to share and help, even if dont get this thing running.
  2. good luck with your board from now on, i guess i will have to practice slam dunking on bigger bin, since i will slam dunk the board. i have every single bit disconnected from it, except memory, VGA and CPU.
  3. Lets say anywhere between 2 mins to 7 months....and still stuck on same place. I know this is very common problem, thats why im wondering what is the proper RMA procedure.
  4. Hi, I got my SLI-DR two years (I think) ago. After 6 months it got stuck on this problem and since, i dont run that computer. I tried to find an answer few times but no success. Tried proper CMOS clearing and all other good stufff. The only reason why i am giving it a second try is because i am planning on building a HTPC, and if i dont have to buy a new board, then i need only new case. So there is the story: After I first time plugged wireless mouse combo, i run system for few days with no problems. First time reset after that - and i have never been able to run it after. So that might be the cause - USB device would just send it to sleep. Now, each time when i power the system, it would never pass the logo screen. It would detect RAM, Video card, light would go off one by one, until the last one. i tried different RAM sticks, different slots, i tried different Video cards, no success. I even tried to change position of every single jumper on the board, and it would still do the same thing (Thats because some one somewhere said that there is jumper that sets usb voltage for usb's and that might be reason why it stucked). Even running it without BIOS battery and CMOS jumper set in the clear mode woud send the logo screen on the monitor and would not change anything. I literally tried everything in order to somehow FRY the board so i dont suffer but again it just gets stuck on the same screen. I did change my PSU to OCZ - recommandation from this site back in the DFI days, and it did not help. this psu is now powering the rig that is open and sitting for your guys input. Absolutelly everything is disconnected and the only thing that is connected to the board is CPU, one stick of RAM, and video card. even power button is diconnected, since i use switch on the board itself. all power connectors are connected. If no one knows how to get it back to life, i would greatly appreciate any input on RMA, since the store where i bought the board is now closed, and cant go that way. I live in Canada. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hey, i had identical problem one and a half year ago. my mobo fell a sleep when i first time plugged in new wireless keyboard-mouse combo. after first reset, i was never able to pass logo screen. since then i tried to wake it up few times, and this will be my last. that is well known issue with this board, and it seams that no one has proper answer how to get it pass the logo screen. i would like to know how did you manage it? the only reason i am bothering with that piece of crap is because i feel like setting up HTPC and instead buying new 939 board, i decided to give her last shot. if i dont get it up, i would like to get the address of the highest executive in DFI to send the board and proper letter and to thank them for 6 months of board's service (and i paid more then 300$ for it). p.s. i suspected psu was the cause, and that new psu would help, so i got OCZ 500W. now it seems that usb device make the board to stuck at logo screen.
  6. I could hear the beep all the time, so i would say the jumper is in the right postion. thanks for the pic, i will try it tonight, for the last time. I dont think i can update bios if i cant pass the logo screen.
  7. I could hear the beep all the time, so i would say the jumper is in the right postion. thanks for the pic, i will try it tonight, for the last time. I dont think i can update bios if i cant pass the logo screen.
  8. OK, I returned the noise taker and got OCC Gamextreme 600W PSU. Tried proper recovery after 4 days of being unplugged. Still doesnt work. Before Icompletlly give up, I am wondering if there is anyone who can clarify his step: Move the PC Speaker jumper to the ON position. (from proper clearing CMOS list). That is the only one thing that might not be done properly because I dont know which jumper is this, and where has to be moved. There is few blue jumpers and there is speaker written beside (or above) one of them. If i moved it to (which?) other position, is it suppose to stay there, and next time when i try the procedure i should put it back to the place where is right now, or what ? I am trying to make is 100 percent correctly and even trying all other possible combinations, and still no success. Is there anyone who is familiar with RMA procedure to tell me when is it applicable, and is it supposed to be done under warranty and what is the warranty for this thing? Also if there is someone from Canada that know and is eager to tell me their contact phone, if no, i will find it myself. So how to do this RMA-ing if it is possible at all? Thank you. p.s. pretty sure that the store that sold me the board is now closed so no way to go back to the seller...reason why i bought it from them, is that they were the only seller of this board that i could find in the city (calgary,Ab). p.p.s. sorry for no residence thing, now updated. probably havent seen it or didnt have time to fill it up when i was signing the first time.
  9. ok, i got the OCZ will post the update when i find a time to try it. also if some can give me more details about RMA-ing the board, in the case nothing works out. bussiness where i got it from seems closed, and that was the only place in the city where i could get the board from.
  10. i alrady said 3-4 times, that i used antec's psu for over a year and never had issues. then something happened and i couldnt boot anymore. i WENT and tried to get gamextreme, but it was out of stock. by sellers recomendation, i got this one, and i dont use it. im pretty sure board is out of order, after 304 days of non-stop downloading, which shouldnt be big effort for any compoment (by my opinion).
  11. well im stuck on the one led since i got the problem. and previous psu used to run with no problems for almost two years, so i hope it will clear cmos at some time.
  12. i will follow your thread since i got the same problem, with my comp running ok for a year and a half. holpf. what helps you might help me too.
  13. well when i got the issue of not being able to pass logo, i was still running on my old psu. then i went and i bought the noisetaker II, which i thought will be good, but with that one i cant complete the clearing of cmos because i get stuck with cold boot. then i put my old psu again as suggested above, so i dont get stuck with cold psu, but still having problem with not being able to pass logo screen.
  14. well...im losing my last hope. i tried with the old power supply and this time i got board and fans powered up,and that was after 2 days of no power condition, but passing logo screen still seems as a mission impossible. i will try to give the board to the friend who has more parts and if it still doesnt work, it will go to the garbage.
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