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  1. Its the same concept only you select a diff raid setup... as for losing data im not sure thats possible... giv eit a shot though
  2. Keep in mind that cheap power supplies judge on MAX power... or PEAK power... more expensive ones like the OCZ 600 judge on PURE constant power with peak of 700 watts
  3. Getting raid to work I hope this helps, that link has a link that will bring you to a guide
  4. Looks like you know what your talking about... i assume you did a full format... sometimes if i do a quickie i get errors...
  5. You got an ULTRA-D... im not sure whether that slots even active... if not there is a hack for the board ot make it read that slot. Lemme know how it goes, The BIG jumpers that they gave you that nifty pincher tool for in between the two slots are the ones that you need to switch over to the bottom half. and btw there are a few threads i posted on with your exact problem... Use the Search
  6. People dont realize how useful the Search function is ... here you go Raid post with a link to get RAID to work Also, you have to install the raid drivers WHILE setting up windows form the lil disk that you got with ur mobo... or thats how the guide has it done, it doenst say whether you can do it while windows is already loaded or not... im pretty sure your going ot have to do a reformat if you didnt load the drivers while windows was being installed and allocated the drives as ONE CONSECUTIVE drive. Im pretty sure that if your seeing two drives when windows is loaded your drives are not on a RAID array. But then again i havent tried it ... yet... so i cant say for sure... read through the guide.
  7. this should help Read the forum rules and use the search command for the threads please... Read through that post and it will tell you how to flash it without using winflash.. its a CD that you can use as a Flashing Utility...
  8. Tell Angry_games to put a RESOLVED thread name on this... so then others that have the same issue can find this thread...
  9. Yea dude that could be a problem... NEXT TIME YOU SETUP A SYSTEM... DO NOT watercool it right off the start, you will kick yourself SOOOO Hard when you find out a problem and something ends up to be burnt or wrong. Aircooling works fine for a boot, then setup your watercooling, you watercooled the two 6800's? Haha your friggin crazy... some people have too much money to spend... if you really want to waste it that bad just send it to my paypal.
  10. get a KVM Newegg Belkin... THis ONE OWNS!!!! I have to go to class peace... Frallen you got him dude
  11. Aight if you dont read this and update ur sig im giong to yell then we can get to buisness The bios is the DATE THAT YOUR BIOS was made... if its stock its 1/25 Im going to go out on a Limb and say that your PSU is good.. connect only 1 HDD and only 1 vid card when you try booting... eliminate as much as you can and then SLOWLY add stuff when you do get it booted.
  12. Haha hes probly connecting all the connections and makeing a sig... the sig takes a while if you dont know ur Hardware specs...
  13. WOOOT! MODDING [email protected] Ill probly do that to mine when i get bored with it... right now it still entertains me with 1 card... i have no use for two...
  14. HAHA no problem.. :) you put it a little bit more plain incase hes in a hurry and frustrated and hates to read my LONG @$$ post haha
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