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  1. well not only cbbid cpu's... I got a cbbhd not going over 2500 with 1.66V...
  2. well you all complain with cbbid's... I got the shittiest cbbhd ever! won't go past 275*9 stable, no matter what reasonable voltage!
  3. I don't think so... Since I get the same type of error at stock frequencies. I read somewhere that the SATA cables could be the cause of all this. Any other clues?
  4. Well this is the 2nd time this is happenning: everything fine, then computer locks up under windows and when I reboot I get a disk read error. The disk is recognized in the BIOS. I clear CMOS'd, nothing to do, same error. I found out the only way of resurrecting my HD is to change the SATA port (from 1 to 2 or 2 to 1). Then everything is fine again for a couple of weeks. Memtest error free, same with Prime. Any clue?
  5. I was wondering what timings you use... I could go up to 270*9 1:1, before my system crashed (for some other reason), and I was using RGone's recommendations on timings and memory settings. The weird thing is that those settings caused a lot of freezes! Programs would take much longer to load, I got freezes during games, etc.
  6. well I can't help much, but I've been going through the same the last 3 days... First I thought it was my o/c'ing that caused instability, but it wasn't. My problem was that my HDD wasn't recognized after a reboot unless I CMOS. Then when it satrted loading windows it ALWAYS hung up. I've been formatting and reinstalling windows about 5-6 times always same problem. Finnaly I changed my HDD from SATA 1 to SATA 2, and it seems to solve it... Try it, may work for you!
  7. Hi, I tried the Genie BIOS settings described in this topic. Only it didn't go that well... I booted into windows @9x270 RAM 1:1, but I had lots of freezes when running any program (3DMarl took much longer to load and the FPS were ridiculous compared to my non o/c'ed system)! Tried to change the settings back to default, and it would hang eveytime during windows startup! After that it wouldn't POST normally again: the HDD was not recognized! I had to turn off, CMOS, and then the HDD would be recognized again, but then hanging on windows startup. I ended up reinstalling windows... No problems, until I tried oc/'ing again. The system is unstable even at ridiculous FSB like 220*9 Memtest error free for 24 passes, temps are low, voltages are all ok... If any of you has an idea??? Thanks!
  8. Hi, All of you that have A-DATA PC4000 sticks: what timings do you use on a NF4 Ultra-D? Thanks
  9. I had exactly the same problem yesterday. I tried rgone's settings for the Genie BIOS... I booted into windows @9x270 RAM 1:1, but I had lots of freezes like you described! Tried to change the settings, and it would hang eveytime I would load windows! Tried optimized defaults and same thing: no way to get into windows. Plus everytime it hang during the loading, it wouldn't recognize my HDD after a reboot. Had to do a CMOS!!! I ended up reinstalling windows... And now it's unstable event at 250x9!!! Memtest error free for 24 passes, temps are low, voltages are all ok... If any of you has an idea... Thanks!
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