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  1. i just some time on ocz forums and there are lots of people with the same problem.
  2. i do have all four power connectors in.(been on site since 05). I have this system for almost 3 years and had no problems with it, whats so ever. I talked to a friend who had the same odd problem. he said he fixed it yesterday by a new psu. I think thats its just a connection problem with the psu and mobo.
  3. found the problem. (first time uploading videos so sorry) video 1 http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s222/do...nt=550aa2a4.flv video 2. http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s222/do...nt=c999c805.flv
  4. hey guys, i am finally having problems with my computer (2 yrs running great). Last friday i press the button to turn the computer on and nothing happened. When away for the weekend, came back on monday and it turned on. Tuesday morning, again no boot/no power. Reset CMOS and left it for the day. Yesterday i disassembled it and jump started psu and it works ( can rule out PSU). But when connected the the motherboard nothing. The only LED on is the standby power led. I believe that the DRAM power LED should also be on for the computer to start. Short story: computer does not turn on, I believe its the motherboard. Only standbye power led is on. nothing else. Also i don't have any hardware lying around so can't test the ram, cpu, or motherboard.
  5. looking to buy a cheap 20 gig or so HDD. Looking to spend at most $10. It has to have the IDE interface (don't think HDD's this old have SATA). Thanks. nothing beats a hammer and HDD from your annoying little sister's computer. Parents making me fix it. PS: anyone know how i can block myspace from the network. Software is not my friend.
  6. wow this thing is great. it has nice lights, looks nice in my case, and spinning at 3000 instead of the 5000 from the DFI with the same temps. awsome.
  7. Yeah sure just force it in!!!(No this board does not have a agp slot. it only has pci e. please do not pluy in your agp card this will damage the card and or the board.)
  8. i have read somewere about this and they said its not a big problem. a driver update should fix that.
  9. no one is sure what the temps really are. but what i see in the bios and smartguardian is what i put. i do live in a cold place and my house is no more 70F.
  10. Motherboard: NF4 Ultra-D SLI Mobo Revision:A3 Mobo BIOS version: 6/23 CPU: Opteron [email protected] 2.1 CPU ID: ??? Idle Temp: 25C Load Temp: 34C Cooling: xp-90
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