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  1. What would the damage b if I wanted to have my board replaced or fixed because of a dead PCI slot (all of them, actually) issue?
  2. It's been kind of hot here in Northern California. In any case, non eo f the PCI cards in my motherboard are recognized any longer, as well as the same for the FireWire port, which as you may know is tied onto the PCI bus. Everything else is working fine. Question for Angry_Games and anyone else in the DFI doors: Is there a way to RMA my board to have this looked into by someone more qualified, or do I need to spend money that I don't have on a new board? Thanks, in advance, by the way...
  3. That's not even what I'm talking about. I run every game fine; Including SWAT4. The performance is not what I'm talking about.
  4. I bought mine for around $125/a pair from Chiefvalue. They are a division of Newegg, and ship from a Wharehouse in NJ, so if you'r ecloser to NJ, you'd probably be better off ordering from Chiefvalue. They have better prices than Newegg, and more reasonable amounts for shipping. Same great service and they are shipped FedEx Saver as well. Sometimes I think you'll find some Newegg items arrive from NJ, if Newegg is out of stock or it's more economical for them to ship to you from NJ. http://www.chiefvalue.com/app/productlist....roperty&store=7
  5. I am going to swing for a homerun here as I susually do on computer forums, but try some different jumper settings with your harddrives. I think some weird itches and scratches with WD drives cause minor problems like these on certain boards. Also, when you updated, you cleared the settings I think, so go back and make sure you have Write/Read cache enabled, as well as all the other DMA and HD settings.
  6. just FYI I have an M-audio PCI card AND my onboard sound installed and it is working in tandem just fine.
  7. The nF3's single channel memory is a bottleneck, as well as the bug with UT engine games. What happens is when you Quit the game or Tab out into the desktop and then try to restore the game, it restarts the computer.
  8. Whaddayou mean the ONLY official BIOS...? I'm running the 1/25/2005 official BIOS, and I'm here with Throttling DiSABLED...
  9. Genie BIOS -> DRAM Options -> bottom of first cluster is where it is, roughly...
  10. Thanks!!!!! The frequency range is much smoother with the Realtek drivers and the BASS!!! Ooooooh the bass is sexy and punchy with nice, extended range. Nice and clear throughout the range as well... Thanks!!! this game situatoon is still a .ing classy lady.
  11. UPDATE, the WMP thing is still a problem, but the audio sounds much better. They're just the ones that came with the board, I have no idea what number they are... If it's dated past the summer of 2004, it's too new.
  12. What a .ing joke... NOTHING WORKS for SWAT4 on this damn fiberglass dryer sheet. POS! -Charles
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