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  1. T-120 extreme, did you replace the fan? OR stock fan. I believe the 120-xtreme comes with a fan, but I maybe wrong. I just got opteron 170 and without any OC the temp shot upto high 50' with no load on stock heatsink. I slap the old 3800 Sandy in with same cooler temp in the 30'. I would be interested in some temps once you get it installed. P.S. I need to update my sig big time!!! Good Luck
  2. Currently running GsKill F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ (1GB x 2) with an OPTY 165. If I install a second set Gskill HZ and run 4gb of DDR will I lose some of my OVERCLOCK with my CPU! I cant find any info on overclocking with all dimm's filled up. If so, then will the increase in DDR in VISTA premium 32bt be more benificall then the CPU mhz. I can recall the AngryAndy and Exroadie have always said CPU mhz is king. One last upgrade to this great motherboard. I'll update when Dual Quad's come out at an more acceptable price structure, LOL. Thanks Frank
  3. I actually switched back to a soundblaster 3.1 that is 5 year old. It works better than the Karajan ever did. The Karagan did this disappearing Mic trick every so often. Sound was fine, but the mic, kept dying. I would have to do a driver cleaner on the Nvidia sound 6.66 or the Realtek drivers and reinstall them. It would then allow the mic to work untill the next reboot. I am not bothered by it, because I was able to use a old piece of hardware that I had laying around. But then I got to think about it. I paid for hardware that was 7.1 sound built in to the Mobo and I am not getting what I paid for or what was advertised on the product. DFI mobo's still rules! But they should issue some kinda credit to people who actually register the product and have these issues. P.S. I have 2 Ultra-d's one OC and the other is not. They both have had this issue from day 1.!
  4. can't find the setting(sS) to create your own AVATAR. ALSO, did not know where to post this question? Maybe tutorials. I just did not know where. I like angry's avatar of the keboard face smash and TechnoVaN'S rockin van. Thanks for the help!
  5. I ordered 8/5/06 from NEWEGG and recieved it 8/8/06 1:10pm. It was shipped from their Rosehill, CA warehouse. Thank god AMD ships there procs with a clear window or we would all be screwed. I notice several diferent bios's (is that even a word) being used. I hope my CCBBE 0617 will hit 2.9 on air. I was deathly affraid of gettin 0551 or 0550. will be cooling with a new 101 heat pipe from Thermalright with a 110cfm 120mm fan.
  6. Sorry found thread: hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare! will post results there. OK to close thread!!!!
  7. Equipment: HighPoint RocketRAID 2310 PCI Express x4 SATA II Controller Card RAID 0/1/5/10 JBOD 4 HITACHI Deskstar 7K80 HDS728080PLA380 (0A30356) 80GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s - Raid 10 will use 8 drives Raptor 74gb I have this raid card laying around and was going to run some test on Raid 5 & 10, Will post some results in a day or two. If anyone has any thoughts of wisdom before I start, please put your two cents in. Mainly for a gaming server. Gotta use this ULTRA-d for something. PLEASE DFI release the LP 975x.. I can't stand waiting anymore......
  8. there's like 50 or so Raid Configs. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redundant_arr...D_parity_blocks Come on NEWEGG send me my opty 175 NOWWWWWW I HATE UPS and FEDX
  9. Can this be done without purchasing a seperate raid card? If not what raid card is recommened. Also, for the gamer in mind I have read many forums in here that say OS raid 0 and games raid 1, However alot of the other tech forums are raving about Raid 5 & Raid 10 is better. Anyone out there have first hand experience would be helpful. see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redundant_arr...D_parity_blocks
  10. Can any one please post your the software that you use for OCing. (tweaking software) As well as which version. Most of this is Shareware. If you have a link post it please. I notice many different programs that do relativily the same thing exspecially in the memmory tweaker side of things. I only use bios for all tweaking. But I am willing to look at other options.
  11. WOW :drool: thats an AMD 3000 AT 2600ish speeds. If thats with air cooling I will puke! DO you know your CPU stepping or the batch. I believe that is with no divider as well. :shake:
  12. First off! OCZ had issues with CL2 form the start for me, regardless of what forced timings I used. The Max OC with OCZ for me was 2.7v 2.5-3-2-5t1 HTT 230x11. (had issue with prime at stock 2-3-2-5-t1) Also t2 made no differnce for me. Everest band width 6300ish. Sandra.13 6400ish. 3d05 7105 Now the Gskill HZ is runnind stable for 28 hours on Prime at [email protected] 2.7v, HTT 260x10 ((2600mhz) DDR520. Everest bandwidth increased to 6700ish. Sandra went to 6700ish as well. 3d05 7295. I can't get Gskill stable at 2t with anything (lol-not that you want to.) Memtest fails after 5 hours and so does Prime with t2. I am sold on this UCCC. NOTE I only picked up 190 on 3d05. but increased bandwidth 300-400mhz. over the tighter timings. I also now that my CPU's max OC is about 2700 regardeless of any sticks. Disclaimer, NO Dividers I repeat NO Dividers where used in this testing. AS well as no injuries incured by me or any other pc's. Please remember to be a safe OC'er and remember to obay all the laws and to buckle up. You'll shoot your eye out!. Will post captured screens of the bench mark test as soon as get a chance.
  13. yes my set is listed on the Angry's list of workable ram. I would never buy without doing hard research first. OCZ support has already emailed back saying they have had serious bacth problems with some IC's on the board. And they offered to direct rma them with over night shipping. I said no thanks I'll return them to NEWEGG and get some more Gskill Hz. Hopefully they be instock this time. OCZ have an hall of fame for OCing. Funny out of the 8 pages not 1 set of these stick where listed. But a zillion DFI boards. WOOO WOOO. Peace. Just my luck. OZC PSU came DOA and now there RAM. the odds are rare. They are a good company.
  14. Just picked up the sticks. rated timing printed on cooler and at OCZ website are [email protected] Even with forced timings they will not boot up this Ultra-d or a MSI NF3 Neo2 plat unless the timings are cl 2.5 or higher. PLus I have no increased bandwidth per sandra Por 2005 full ver. Yes, detected in dual channel. only stable at [email protected] ddr400 with no OC. And in order to OC must really losen the timmings to cl3 just to get 229fsb. I am Waiting to hear from OCZ support.
  15. FYI, will not post stated speeds [email protected] ddr400 @2.6v-2.8v. Will only run cl2.5. does not OC worth anything unless timings increase to [email protected] (t2 BSOD). even then fsb226 sucks! ALso note with running lower dividers does always help. Memtest has a field day with all the red error reports. Runnin with bulls with all this red would be fatal. I will RMA all the way. NEWEGG.com service can't be beat. They even will pay for shipping back as well as full refund and cross ship some new Gskill ddr600.
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