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  1. high pitched noise? hmm. where is the 7.95 price do you have to buy two to get that price?
  2. EL_

    x1900xt vs. 7900gt

    does ati have a decoder package like nvidia platinum decoder? I use my pc for media/hd/dvd and not games I want to know if my next card should be ati then? i'll search ati site and look for a link. any advice as to the better htpc card.
  3. you should be fine you like Oblivion? I think my friend Craig helped make that game. He says it is really cool but he says that about all their games. mbm will give you the rail voltages for your 5vt adn 12vt
  4. nice mod but how is the air traveling around and out of the case? Does the case have good flow or is it too open.
  5. can you drill it with a hole saw.
  6. Didn't you read about the slipstream issue. I'll search for it if you haven't/can't find the tutorial. Install xp slipstreamed only. Wait now I see its not sp1 with another disc but the actually os with sp2 slipstreamed. What bios is it.
  7. EL_

    Such a basic question

    both masters if only DVD drives. your system is very nice too. you like the p180?
  8. Yeah can you boot with just the video card? couple of questions. is the Antec true 24pin? What bios are you using? Did you try the power supply only with the pin trick? I'm leaning towards testing ps first.
  9. EL_

    Such a basic question

    I would have the hd as primary master writer as secondary master dvd as slave. if you take the anything out move it up the list. no such thing as a stupid question. remember the jumpers too!
  10. look in this link ramguy is really cool if you have paperwork supporting your purchase I'm positive he will get the ram back to you correctly. http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=3...ighlight=memory
  11. lights come on but nobody is home! It lights and activity is present but no internet. I might update/reset the bios to avoid conflicts. so one should use 6.7 for MCE2005(xp home)
  12. I built a media PC for my parents and can't get the Networking to work. Tested wiring with two different PCs and a CAT5 tester so the Cat 5 is solid. Hooked into the back of the PC and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have the super cheap dfi for my folks so no Marvell option. I just need others with MCE2005 to tell me what drivers they use.
  13. WTTF Nero 6.6 Ultra Edition or mobo(socket 939) anything will do. Haves Far Cry sealed (CDs) can dl to get 64bit goodness. Doom3 open but includeds all packages Half-Life2 this is the bronze edition but Counterstrike is included with Value! bet on soldier blood sport the amd edition should be availible in 64bit too. OTHER HAVES All size fans/guards DVI to vga adapters hell any weird adapter I have too. small hd in the 13-40gb range ata100 usb modem alpha 0845 lapped ram ddr 2100 512mb old ram ask and I'll search the mountain of parts I have. anyhow I want it so I will give up these great games for Xmas/Holiday gifts! basically four games for one stupid cd suite. I'll only ship US/Canada maybe
  14. yeah gotta be the video card. I actually had a bad 6200 that wouldn't boot in top slot only in bottom slot but if you move the jumpers will the problem remain?
  15. EL_

    NF4 Ultra-D, X2 support?

    pershoot you made the cd correct? if so thank you so much.