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  1. I am looking into getting an Athlon 64 X2 Socket 939. I have an AX500 PSU. The FX600 and 700 were the two FSP PSU's on the recommended list, however, does anyone see any reason why this shouldn't work well enough? I am NOT running SLI.
  2. Anyone know if this slows performance at all?
  3. Seems all of you were right. I using my computer as we speak with the CPU pins I bent.
  4. I believe I found my problem. I went into trial and error. Powering on, pressing power, unlugging a peripherial, powering off, and repeating. I did this until it came on again after unplugging my black lights and pump for my WC system. So then I went back to the same trial and error but plugging everything back until it didn't come on. I determined that it was my black light inverter that was preventing power to my mobo, God knows why? I think it's possible it was fried from the storm and it was creating a short in the power flow, seeing as how the inverters for these are lights are easily damaged and are really finicky. Don't they convert DC to AC or is it the other way? Either way my computer boots, I haven't seen it on the screen but the HDD's spin up and everything 'sounds' normal. I am going to test my old PSU to make sure it is in fact dead. I'll keep you guys posted.
  5. No b/c I am munipulating the power from the onboard power switch, not the self wired one.
  6. I'll check the usb ports and the hdd's, but I'm pretty sure the HDD's are ok, not 100% sure though. I have IDE's btw.
  7. Sorry forgot to quote him, I have done so above. yes, my mobo was in the case when the test fire worked. no, the problem is not anywhere near sorted out.
  8. I used a flat razor blade to straighten them, they seem ok.
  9. If I bent the pins on my CPU would it still work? I straightened them close to perfect and the CPU sat into the slot just fine. Is this a big problem?
  10. Ok, so I came home a few weeks ago and my comp was off. I heard there was a storm over the weekend and my comp wouldn't come back on so i assumed something was fried. I though I had narrowed down the problem to my mobo. I hooked up the exact same new nF4 Ultra-D and it produced the same results. Nothing other than a click when I pressed power. So I've ruled out a ram problem, tried two sets. Ruled out a bad video card, tried someone elses and I just recieved a new 600w OCZ psu. Now here's the wierd thing. So I plug the thing in to test it, without the HDD's plugged in, only the 4 mobo power connectors it powers up, the fan on the chipset came on. So I was like great it works and turned it off, and unplugged everything so I could install the PSU and plug everything in, which I did. Then I go to turn it on and nothing happens. I've tried multiple positions of the ram, resetting the BIOS blah blah blah. Before I go to the store and start buying parts to test what else should I do? One other thing. When I tok out my CPU to put it back in my motherboard when I was testing the new I accidentally dropped it and bent some of the pins. I managed to bend all of them backand insert the CPU just fine. Could this be the problem? If the pins get bent will the CPU not work? PLEASE HELP ME I HAVEN'T HAD A COMPUTER FOR A MONTH!!!!
  11. just to clerify, i have tried all combos of ram, every slot, pc2700 and my newer that is listed below. if i can't get anything to work, i'm going to have to keep buying new parts until it works again and then take everything back. someone please help me so i don't have to waste that kind of time.
  12. ok, so no i have a new question regarding the lights. i bought a replacement ultra-d today to see if it would work. however, i am getting the same results. it makes a click noise when i try to power the system. there is one yellow-ish, orange-ish light on under the pci-slot, the ram power light is on, and none of the red lghts on the bottom left are on, but when i try and power the system all four of the red lights flash once simultaneously with the click noise. does anyone have any idea?
  13. yes, he never responded to my email. he told me to email him too.
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