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    need a little help

    see here, third post down
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    ULI chipset on DFI boards?

    http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?p=3983679#post3983679 , post 18
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    ULI chipset on DFI boards?

    4hrs after receipt of mobo/proc ASROCK 939DUAL-SATAII BIOS P1.10(7/13/05) A64 3700+ SanDiego, [email protected] 4x512 Corsair CMX512-3200XL, [email protected](2T), Dual Channel AGP LeadTech WinFast 6600GT, NVO 17776, [email protected]/900 Brief MemTest stable, WinXP install 3DM2001SE: 19,055 AQMark3: 7548/10494/55513 (55.51fps)
  4. karl pell

    250GB Windows Boot 250MHZ

    Not-so-old Old Guy, if I were as sharp as you are and running at 315, my HT would be at 1890 also ... what else are you going to do? x2 is a 21% "underclock" and x4 is a 58% "overclock" ... so x3 @ +18% is the sweet spot among your choices.
  5. should all be straight-forward ... as I'm sure you know, there are 4 separate power connections to the mobo and a power connection to your 6600gt. My other advice would be that you carefully read through the stickies at the various groups (e.g. 64 bit). As long as you are thoughtful and persistent, you should enjoy the DFI ... and if you require assistance, ask for it. Be patient about understanding and correcting any problems that may come up ... most folks want to correct problems well before they understand them. Have fun!
  6. I do not have your case, but do have another Antec case. I think that you're safe in assuming that your white is ground for the two wire stuff (on/off, reset, etc). I'm sure you're aware that USB and firewire will have multiwire connectors terminated in a plug that is (hopefully) unique to the appropriate pin group(s) on the mobo. The on/off, reset stuff are momentary switches ... just a change state deal ... there would be no problem with reversing the leads on these. What all are you hooking up?
  7. karl pell

    250GB Windows Boot 250MHZ

    Recall that the board in question is an nF3. HTT max on the nF3 250Gb is 800(1600) not 1000(2000) as you so arrogantly assert. The HT multipliers are a no effect/bad effect choice: hypertransport throughput is sufficient at almost any x setting to not affect ocing, pushing it too hard will yield negative results (been there, done that). From the LP nF3 250Gb pdf @ DFI: System Bus • 1600MT/s HyperTransport interface Chipset • nVIDIA® nForce3 250Gb
  8. karl pell

    Power Consumption for CD drives

    Sir, I'm a fully paid up member of your fan club. Really cool . you've done there and for the best of reasons ... none at all, except idle interest. You've made my day ... thanks.
  9. karl pell

    AWD Flash Process

    And a lot of noobs will remain noobs because they don't recognize when someone is giving them information in a format appropriate to their holy noobiness (You're best off with DiamondFlash ...) at the same time that they're leading them to information to help them become self-sufficient ( Try these http://www.lejabeach.com/Guide/awardbios.htmlhttp://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/ma...ios-update.html) Mr Sharp is an experienced fellow and I mean him no disrespect, but the information that he's providing to you is incomplete, I believe, as it ignores the appropriate but important use of switches with AWDFLASH. The information that I've provided to you takes care of those switches for you initially (DIAMONDFLASH) and gives you the resources to learn and understand something important about the powerful software that you're about to use on your mobo ... I will certainly not trouble you with unduly complicated or informative responses in the future.
  10. karl pell

    Power Consumption for CD drives

    I'll post the Plex data later, but, for now, you might look at: http://www.extreme.outervision.com/index.jsp and http://www17.tomshardware.com/howto...upplies-04.html
  11. karl pell

    Power Consumption for CD drives

    -I've got a Plex712A(IDE) at home that I can pull label numbers from tonight if you're interested -I suspect that you're going to have a difficult time evaluating transients (power-up, spin-up) ... that info is not commonly, reliably available AFAIK. -I assume that you've contacted Plextor for the required data -with respect to cases, remember that the larger cases will often support 2 PSUs
  12. karl pell

    Power Consumption for CD drives

    This is a trick question, right? Why else wouldn't you look at the label of your candidate CD burner for electrons required and multiply by 9 and throw some more in for good measure?
  13. If memory serves, Lee Felsenstein designed the Osborne as an s100 ... the s100 standard saw a lot of action back then. Hombrew: http://opencollector.org/history/homebrew/
  14. karl pell

    Am I missing something?

    In looking at your card on newegg, there does not appear to be a power connection. However, take a look at the sapphire (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102548) detail pix and you'll see a power connector there ... odd square black thing using a special molex extender (see cables detail pic). Take another look at your card to check for odd/hidden power connector. If none there and card's working ... forget about it.
  15. karl pell

    nF4 mobo 4 power connections ...

    hey playah ... I like the font on the new sig, but I've gotta tell you that the new sig picture is makin' me nervous ... that's a very "take no prisoners" look.