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  1. Well I tried that and anything anybody could come up with and no luck. I seem to have solved the problem now by installing Windows XP SP2 and/or rearranging my hdd and optical drives (CD & DVD-RW drives each as master on their own IDE channel, one single SATA hdd for storage). I don't know which of these two measures solved the problem (although I suspect one of the other two hdd's might have been faulty) since I did both at once. The PC has been rock stable for 16 days now, running without downtime and with quite a lot of gaming (love Quake 4 & F.E.A.R. :dog: ).
  2. And here I always thought I was a geek. Guess not :dog:
  3. My sympathy to the ocz support people. People who enjoy making other people's lives miserable are just sad. Not wanting to spoil the mood, but haven't we all learned that those online partitions are not even worth the time it takes to create one?
  4. Since people do notice a difference when using 500Hz over 125Hz, my guess would be you are wrong.
  5. It is temperature regulated. Have a look at your Bios under the PC Health category.
  6. 1000 Mhz would be nice :dog: You're right though, that plus as has been mentioned very few mice are actually able to exceed 500Hz. And since you're making the jump from 125 to 500, you'll be in heaven anyway, you can always go further to 1000Hz later. Is that a Razer forum? Never heard of it.
  7. Ask a friend who owns one. Go into a shop which has sample mice displayed without the packaging. Or ask an employee of a shop if they are willing to open one for you to try.
  8. It was. I never had problems with the button layout but most people did. That's why I said that you should only get one if you can handle the shape.
  9. And in Europe. Can't wait to get my hands on one.
  10. Err, no. It is tied to the American Qualifier that will decide which Americans will make the trip to represent the USA at the World Cyber Games.
  11. It's that time of the year again All the forums get spammed with fantasy football and fantasy hockey threads :dog:
  12. The giveaway is tied to the US national qualifier for the World Cyber Games event in Singapore later this year.
  13. Razer Copperhead, hands down - IF you can handle the shape. Otherwise you might want to have a look at the Logitech G5 - the new laser mouse in 510/518 shape. I don't like the 510/518 shape and weight but that's personal and different for everybody I guess - I love the Diamondback and Copperhead shapes while many people find them too small and too flat. A pity Logitech is no longer using the MX310 chassis for their new mice. That was a kickass shape.
  14. I believe it was called ps2rate - gave you up to 200Hz. Logitech drivers had a similar feature integrated though (but then, everything else about Logitech drivers was a major turnoff...).
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