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  1. If you keep having problems with the heat shields on the memory just get them swapped out. I have not seen a problem with the heat shields falling off so it just might be the adhesive tape.
  2. CrucialLabs

    A little confused

    Seems to me that either the memory is bad or you need to increase your voltage. You have a lot of errors which to me means bad memory. Try upping the voltage a bit and see if the memory passes memtest.
  3. CrucialLabs

    DFI SLI-DR EXpert problems?

    So very true RGone, Once you setup what RGone told you to make sure you change the LDT/FSB freq ratio to 3.0 this has caused issues in the past. Voltage is an evil thing too, make sure you have the CPU voltage anywhere between 1.425-1.500v. Remember the memory controller is on the CPU so it will need more voltage. Running the memory voltage between 2.6v-2.9v should get rid of those errors. Jim
  4. Just call 800-336-8896, get tech support and ask for Jim.
  5. 1. I would be the first to say when I buy high performance memory it better work at rated speeds out of the box as long as all of my other hardware will function there too. I did not imply the memory would not. 2. The heat spreaders are there for a reason; 1. for dissipating the heat and keep the memory cooler. 2. looks. I am not placing the burden of responsibility on anyone and this is not up for debate... If you want to OC the computer and run faster, higher clocks then it is up to you or anybody else to do what is necessary to keep everything running smoothly. Now, I have ran that memory on the DFI NF4 Ultra-d SLI at 250MHz and prime95 for the past 5 days and it passed.
  6. Guys, Each issue is a bit different so you can not group all of this together and say it is one specific thing. So far I have ran over 48 hours of Prime95 on the before posted system and it has passed with no errors. A lot of this could be related to heat. So keep a fan pointed at the memory to cool the memory. Like I said earlier, each persons timings and all setting will be different then mine, the ones I posted should only be used as a guide line. I would recommend if you do RMA the memory for new ones and you bought them in pairs, get them replaced in pairs. Reduce the headache factor.
  7. So lets see, can most of you run the 1GB modules at 3-3-3-8 250MHz and 2.8v? These are the settings in the BIOS on the board we have in the lab and the modules are working fine. Motherboard: DFI Lan Party NF4 Ultra-D SLI Processor: AMD Athlon 64bit 3200+ Timings: 3-3-3-8 CPU voltage: 1.40v CPU/FSB fequency ratio: 8x memory voltage: 2.6v FSB: 250MHz LDT/FSB ratio: x 3.0 CPU above VID: 104% TCL: 3 TRAS: 3 TRP: 3 TRC: 8 TRRD: 2 TWR: 2 TWTR: 2 TRWT: 3 TREF: 2592 DRAM Response time: Normal I ran memtest for 12 hours and did not get an error with these settings. Keep in mind what works for the board we have in the lab may not work for you as each board is different and might respond better with different settings. We do not guarantee the module will run at 1T command rate. Try not to blow this out of proportion, I realize there are enough of you having some issues so I will try to get this handled. I hope this helps.
  8. I need to know the material number of the memory you all have gotten. Should be a 5 digit number on a sticker. What BIOS rev are you guys using? Are you all sticking with the stock 250MHz with a voltage of 2.8? If they all test fine with memtest but cause the system to fail or crash it may have to do with power. Have you tried 2T stable? What do you have the DRAM drive strength set to? I have a LanParty Ultra-D in the lab and will be testing it tomorrow to see what I can come up with. I will keep you all posted.
  9. I am gonna say 3 ...Just look at his avatar....You think he could count higher then 10..ROFL hehe.
  10. Which BIOS rev do you have?? Make sure to test the memory with memtest and let me know what timing you are running.
  11. Use 2.8v for the DIMM voltage. Make sure the CPC is disabled like Boppo said. Roch, I am guessing the DFI board you have just likes those settings. Might be a bit different for him but a good starting point.
  12. What is the DIMM voltages set to?? You need to make sure they are set to 2.8v, and from what I have seen with the people on this forum once you set the memory up good in the BIOS you will not have a problem with them.
  13. Oops..you are right AG. Man, it has been a few weeks since I have been in the lab.. Ok, Ok yes the memory will work fine with the default setting on auto but for "some" people they need to set the timings manually in the BIOS to get the memory to function properly. Now I have noticed that some people are trying to use Dram Response with a value of fastest and for me this did not work. Please start with that value at fast.
  14. Right now I am running BIOS rev 711-2 in the lab and everything is steady at 250MHz...Angry helped me find the right one for my board..Since all boards, even if they are the same exact type, do not function the same the 711-2 BIOS may not work for you but give it a go anyhow. Hope this helps.
  15. You can not run the memory on auto timings...they will not function properly. You need to make sure and set the timings up in the BIOS and make sure the VDIMM voltage is set to 2.8v. Also you need to downgrade the BIOS back to 510-2. Voltage is the most important part and either not having enough or having too much will produce errors in memtest.