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  1. same ere. Mine runs idle 40% fan speed at 58*C, then goes to around 65*C load.
  2. If you had a p180, i don't see why you would need a volcano. Airflow in that case is superb, so just stick some nice 120mm fans in there, and get something copper nah... nothing can silence a volcano..
  3. Yeah my one 80Gb WD drive at idle makes a bit of noise. I might just use only 1 drive, and get rid of the whole bottom tray, so i can expand to 2x120mm if possible of 2x92mm bringing in air through the front. Cutting one large whole is a great idea!
  4. I have one drive at the moment, but am thinking of expanding to 2. I'm intrigued on how you modded the case. It's a very good idea. Sound is a problem in my case, i don't really care about dust as that can be easily fixed. I have the Enermax version of your case. I shall get on to cutting some holes to create better airflow soon.
  5. I have the exact same case. Air flow problems are very real in this case. Though my case isn't very loud, the air doesn't get through very well. Show me some pics of what it's like now. I was also thinking of cutting out some holes so its direct airflow without bits of metal blocking me. The obvious thing would be to pile your HDD's in the top cage, and just pile fans in the bottom one. I did that and temps were very good, but now i'm getting 2 hard drives out, its gonna be squishy with airflow.
  6. Powerstream @ 520Watt like mine is ready for anything! I have had 8 fans, 2 harddrives, 2 opticals, overclocked 300x9 @ 1.55v with 6600GT's and its great!
  7. 44 hours? That's ages. I'd be happy with 44 hours. But i'm happy with just Game Stable
  8. OCCT is CPU.. and hardly any RAM. Where ever you heard the RAM thing from, it's wrong. SuperPI is more memory than CPU.
  9. OCCT is very CPU based.. memory isn't usually a factor unless you change the memory usage in the settings. I run my Venice @ 1.525 24/7 but it needs something like 1.62V to pass OCCT. Fine for Games. Try StressCPU... i used that and it's game stable. If it's not StressCPU stable, it's not Game Stable for me!
  10. email has been sent. Sorry for the wait My internet recently had to be changed over due to crap service. On second thoughts, because im not in America/Canada, and don't really want to pay shipping to here (probably end up costing lots) can I make it the first person to email me gets the prize? Also i don't have a 6800GT anymore. 6600GT for me again.
  11. Australia Nintek www.nintek.com.au Works with the OCZ suppliers directly which is great. Also they have brands that all other PC stores don't have eg. TEAM, Mushkin, Patriots. Also cheap DFI!
  12. Wow... this is an old thread, but it was damn fun to read it, and very informative. I know i'll be doing this... after my exams.... but very amusing and a great guide!
  13. That's what coolbits is. It changes the nvidia drive settings so it allows you to overclock. It should be a .reg file. You're diong it correctly.
  14. Definetely the particular PSU unit, because i totally unplugged it from the motherboard, and the PSU still ticks and randomly flashes/turns on my fans when the PC is not powered on.
  15. It is an OCZ PSU Problem. I have the UK Edition (as i'm in Australia.. which doesn't make sense) but this happened to my 520Watt OCZ PSU which ticked. I am currently in the RMA process.
  16. BH-5 @ 250mhz~ looks very good on the Venice.. i think it beats the TCCD's at 300mhzish ..... unless you get the really expensive G.Skills which go to 320~, then the BH-5's lose out.
  17. Read the top post mate. Fans are plugged into the the board as per the slots available. Will try your technique.
  18. OK, i flashed the BIOS from 125 to 310. And they no longer stop, but they run really really slow. The stock CPU runs at 700 rpm and the chipset, 1500rpm. Is this right?
  19. I just got my DFI Ultra-D board. Impressed with the features and gear that has come with it. Currently I'm running some gear as per sig. My problem is that when i power up the computer, the fans whirl at normal speed, but then die down, and eventually after about 3 seconds, they stop. For precautions, i haven't tried to boot past the fans stopping. My BIOS is 125 (original that came with the board) and the HDD i'm using is IDE. All Power connections including the floppy, molex, 24-pin and 4-pin connections are plugged in. The PSU : OCZ Powerstream 520 Watt. I'm running stock cooler at the moment. The Venice stepping (for the hell of it) is LBBLE APFW Got any ideas?
  20. I like it when people copy each other. It means they like their ideas I'd laugh harder if it cost more.
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