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  1. I am running at 4.7GHz Angry, if it wasn't seated right....will probably not boot. But I will try and re install the prommy. Temp sensors are definitely way off under sub zero temps. There is no doubt in my mind about that.
  2. Well I think the temps are way off. I am running a 4.7GHz 24/7 and in MBM5 it say load temps are -18C shown in the MBM5 log, but after awhile of playing games it throttles. Games become jerky and .. So I looked in the bios and found that even on idle the temp is showing 75C! And even though I set the thottling temp to 120C it still does it. I think DFi should fix this ASAP.
  3. No doubt DFi tech support is one of the best I have ever spoke to also. They are so one to one and I like that.
  4. Victorshen, can you take a detailed closeup pic of your VDIMM mod? I just wanna reference it before I take the plunge....LOL. Thanks.
  5. VX works well.....did 260FSB 2 3 2 5 on it with the P4C800 E Deluxe at 3.6V. With the DFi I only had 3.2V (vdimm mod coming soon!) and it did 243FSB 2 2 2 5. So I guess OC will work out to be same or nearly the same as the P4C800. Cooled by Mach2 modded by Baker from xtremeresources. Carnajo: It is patched. By the way, how do you remove the patch? Victorshen: Well it is not like the TCCD. And if you are trying to imply that they are some special tight timing TCCDs, well they arent. Loosening the timings only got me about 5MHz more, but benchmarks from Sandra showed that the tight timings worked better although with lax timings the memory could run faster. Basically, VX is made for tight timings and TCCDs are made for medium timings but higher speed. There is always a trade off - Tight timings = lower speed and loose timings = higher speed. Choose your DDR carefully for different application.
  6. CrystalCPUID seems to be the better program here. Loads of voltage options whereas cpuid only give me up to the highest voltage that is set in the bios which your PC is currently running. And the multi settings for Crystal is up to 25X. But it is probably useless if your CPU does not have that multi. Go DFi you can do it.......thanks for the links Tony.
  7. Let me do this again....lol Sorry Carnajo.....
  8. Got it from Angry Games thread ---> http://www.angrygames.com/files/875P-T325.zip
  9. Prometeia Mach2 modded to R404 by Baker from XtremeResources.
  10. Hey guys, seems like a few hours ago I had problems. They are now gone! Here are the specs of my current rig: Intel LGA775 660 ES DFi 875P-T OCZ PC4000 Gold 2 x 512MB OCZ 600W Powerstream X800 XT PE (663/618) 2 x 250GB WD 8MB cache HDDs Here is the current overclock....ROCKS!!!!
  11. Props to the people in DFi for sending me the reflashed bios chips. My PC is now working 100%, running at 4.3GHz. I will do some overclocking tonight. One more question - which Intel INF Chipset driver do I install? Revision OR Revision Intel
  12. Andrea, if you want you can send it to me for the flash after I get mine. I don't mind doing it for you. Just pay the shipping fees back, that's it. Oh wait, you are in LUCK! I have 2 bios chips here, which has the wrong flash. I can flash one for you and send it to you for a fee. Coz DFi is sending me 2 new bios chips with the new flashed ones. Let me know...... KC **Can't seem to see my system specs on my sig??? WEIRD!**
  13. It's ok bro, no problem. Just hope the bios gets to me quick. I have been trying to get to 5GHz forever! LOL
  14. Seems the DFi people flashed the wrong BIOS on the BIOS chips! But they were nice enough to send me two new BIOS flashed with the right beta bios. Seems that by looking at the left bottom corner of the POST screen DATE is how you determine what BIOS you are running. But seriously, thanks to you guys - Carnajo, Bigstan, and Mikeylikesitsi for helping us out. Was a really informative thread and helped me alot.
  15. Hey guys I need help with the 875P-T. I got an Intel 660 ES recently and I have the same problems - BIOS keeps rebooting after checking the memory. So I called DFi Tech Support and they told me to mail them my bios chip for the reflash. After the bios came back.......I STILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! I have no way to check what version the bios is in the chip. If someone can help me flash the bios or something and lives near NY, please PM or email([email protected]) me. Thanks in advance. Here is my specs: Intel 660 ES DFi 875P-T ECT Prometeia Mach2 R404 OCZ PC4000 2 x 512MB Gold OCZ 600W PowerStream X800 XT PE and 2 IDE hard drives.
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