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  1. hi there, my friend is going to buy himself his first dfi=) he wants a dfi nf4 sli d and a venice cpu now the question is about the rams, is there any hot-pick out there to get in europe??? they should make 260 - 270 to drill the venice right and then the question is about a cpu cooler... i said to my friend a sonic tower would be cool but hes afraid that its not fitting the board .... has anyone made experience?
  2. hi there i have a custom made cooling solution for my northridge without fan=) now my question is how to i get the old one away without troubleling my board??!?! does anyone know a nice guice with pictures or something like that???
  3. hi there i need new rams as a new psu didn´t solve my problems with my corsair ddr550 tccd i tend toward gskill or ocz the new modules should make 275 flawlessly as i have an a64 with spaw stepping which does 2750 fine. plz give me some advice and tips where to buy the ram as im in germany
  4. ok now... im going to do this microsoft thing. and for the powersupply thing -> my psu does have a 24 pin connector and does supply the suggested power on the different rails the ampere thing over which was discussed a long time. but if it is neccesary to really have a 480 watt psu ok then i think i have to upgrade. thx for the help so far. ps what would be a relative good and cheap psu ?
  5. thx for the fast answer! thats truelly support=)
  6. is it true that i have to use the 3rd and 4th sata connectors on nf3/4 boards to oc in a clean way or doesn´t it matter at all?! ( i went through the whole sata+raid thread!!!)
  7. does the sli-dr actually have a sata controller fix? i mean is the clock of the controller fix even when i oc
  8. what does it tell me when memtest is just running fine with automatic start options but gets thousands of errors when i set memory sizing to 2 what means bios all ?? btw what is the best settings and is there something like a memtest guide??
  9. hm i now have another problem i think... the system is starting up till the black xp boot screen appears and then i got a bleuscreen which says a default.sys in win32 cant be found written or somthing like that cant read it because the screen is disappearing so fast anyone got that phenomenon
  10. the cpu is from an friend of mine who was runnin it at 2700 mhz with aircooling:) spaw stepping u need to know
  11. hm no that cant be it. im running memtest for over an hour now at 260 2.5-3-3-8 1:1 and got no errors furthermore its ddr550 from corsair with 2.5-4-4-8 !!!!! so i think the memory cant be the problem or?? maybe the bios settings ??? please help me, i cant figure out what the problem is
  12. hi there i had my system running with 250 htt 1:1 at first i had some unstabilities but after i used rgones up and starter bios configuration and get into that tccd problem it run much more stable but not rockstable... now my system had some freezes and bluescreens and i want to know if maybe my psu is the bad part in my system because the memory is on the official supportet list from dfi?? i would be pleased if someone could tell me whats a significant sign is that my psu is too weak or if someone could tell me what to set in the geniebios for most stability with this ram thank u
  13. hi there, i have now installed the 3.10 bios and now i can change the voltage of the ram=) i will now try to
  14. hi there my systems components can be seen in my signature! the problem is i haven´t yet oc´ed my m because i have freezes in windows after a while when i try to install something bigger for instance. i cant figure out what it is i have the rgone up and starter settings in the bios edited as shown but there is one problem i cant higher the dram voltage from 2.6 everytime i want to higher it its jumping back to 2.6 ?!?!?! what could this be.. and its no more a ddr 333 now there r 2x ddr550 corsair 2.5 4 4 8 @2.75Vdimm but thei r actually running at 400 at 2.6 because of my problem
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