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  1. Yes the jumper was set correctly. I will send an email to Angry Games and see if anything can be done about fixing. Thanks for your help
  2. Just tried the different stick of ram and still nothing. I also removed the chipset heatsink and some paste was over one of the caps. Does any one know if there is any way I can pay to get the board repaired or is it totalled. :sad:
  3. Right I will give it a go later. I will check the thermal paste out but I dont think there is too much
  4. Just gave It a quick go with the Twinmos CH5 and the TCCC in the first orange slot no go no bleeps just the same as before.
  5. Yes some TCCC and some generic ram all in the 2nd slot.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, I have never got the board to boot at all. all the fans start, 1 led goes off and the 3 remain and nothing on screen.
  7. Hello I am having a lot problems trying to get my board to boot for the first time with my NF4 Ultra-D. I followed the build guide, Done a 24Hr No Boot bios clear and swap tested CPU, PSU, RAM, GPU and still nothing. Im hoping to borrow a friends bios chip out of his board tomorrow just In case the bios is corrupted. When I first got the board I took the chipset cooler off to replace it and accidentally dented one of the large silver caps next to the chipset. So i guess I cannot RMA it so is there any way at all I can get it repaired. Any help with this would be really appreciated. Here are my new sys specs Opteron 146 NF4-Ultra-d x800gto2 512mb Twinmoss CH5 Hiper 580 Type R Samsung Spinpoint 160gb And I have Swaptested with these AMD 3000+ Venice x300se 256mb Generic ddr400 512 Samsung TCCC Tagan TG580
  8. Thanks Shinobi for the advice I found the retention bracket but no screws for it . I got it from overclockers.co.uk so I might give them a call I need to see if they can get some sort of proof of purchase from them as I have not got the original Invoice.
  9. Well, It was one of the first boards out and im trying at the moment to find out about If I still got any warranty left . Also I can not find the retention bracket and im worried that it will invalidate the warranty
  10. I switched the computer on and I got bad artefacts on the screen so I switched the computer off thinking it was a graphics related problem. I then put another graphics card In and then tried it again this time it did not boot but there was a burning smell. So took everything out apart from the gpu and tried switching on. All I got was blank screen and the burning smell again so i switched it off and tried to find the affected area and touched a few of the what I assume to be mosfets and noticed one was too hot to touch and that was the area the burnt smell was coming from. Here is a pic of the affected area http://img337.imageshack.us/my.php?image=badmossie2pw.jpg So I am looking for some advice on what I could do to get it fixed or at least the product code of the IC so i can attempt repair. Thanks for any help.
  11. I get the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error sometimes and I believe it to be power problem. My psu had good amps on most rails but it fluctuated all over the place on load. See if you can borrow a psu and see if it helps at all.
  12. thanks just I spent about 1/2 hour poking around the dimm slots with my multimeter.
  13. Hello does anyone know the measurement points for cpu and memory. Thanks for any help on this
  14. Give salt a go it works for me Mmm Chilly :drool:
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