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  1. I think these posts should be in the main Vista thread. I’ve been running Vista for about 6 months now. I started with x64 then eventually switched to x86, mostly because of driver support. It’s really the same as with XP vs. XP64, most things work but some things don’t and all in all there’s almost no performance difference. The only real reason to run an MS 64bit OS is to use more than 4 gigs of RAM, and x86 Vista will use all of 4 gigs.
  2. I was loitering away my lunch hour at a Circuit City the other day when I happened upon a Hauppauge board I’d never seen before, the WinTV-HVR 1600. The box said dual ATSC digital/NTSC tuners and the price tag said ninety nine bucks. Knowing that I could easily return it if it sucked I bought one without reading any reviews or doing any homework at all. I took it home and slapped it in my trusty nF3 rig, then loaded the drivers and software in XP Pro and plugged in a set of regular old Radio Shack rabbit ears I had laying around. I fired up the TV viewing app and after a couple of minutes watching it scan for signals it came to life… Free HDTV on my PC! Using just the un-amped rabbit ears sitting on top of my case I get 3 channels clearly, PBS, a local independent and Denver’s Fox affiliate. The picture, especially on the Fox channel, is crystal clear. I was surprised how good it looks and how watchable it is on my cheap Acer 19” widescreen. The box says the board is made for Vista but the CD that came with it doesn’t say anything about the OS. I loaded the drivers in RC2 and went through the Vista Media Center set up but the wizard kept saying “no remote found” with the only option being “Cancel”. (The card came with a remote and an IR dongle/IR blaster but the docs say it’s not Media Center compliant) I went to the Hauppauge website but there was absolutely no mention of the HVR 1600 anywhere other than a page with a pic of the card and a list of the features. Then last night I checked the site again and the card was now listed on the support page with links to newer Vista drivers. I ran a utility to remove the old drivers first as I was told and loaded up the new ones then gave the wizard another try. Now the wizard completes without any remote step but when I try to watch live TV it says “no decoder found”. From what I understand from reading up on this brand new card you need a 3rd party MPEG decoder, which doesn’t make any sense because Vista will play DVDs by itself. I’m still looking into this and trying to figure out if I should buy the latest version of WinDVD or something, but the card has only been out for a week or so and no one knows much about it yet. The Hauppauge TV viewing/recording app is pretty crappy so I downloaded a trail version of Beyond TV and installed it in XP. The functionality is pretty similar but the Beyond TV interface is much nicer, the only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s full screen only. All in all I’m happy as heck with this thing, the NFC championship game looked fantastic despite the outcome, 24 was as good as I had hoped and I even watched a little of American Idol in widescreen digital splendidness. I’m in the market for a better antenna and hoping I can eventually receive more channels. I haven’t even tried the cable tuner yet.
  3. Supossedly the XBox 360 drive and CyberLink's PowerDVD HD-DVD Edition work great on a PC. Of course you'll need an HDCP compliant video card. http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=325&type=expert&pid=3
  4. That board will do triple SLI, and so will the 8800s... http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=4873 I kinda like the idea of a diagnostic display on the rear I/O, maybe we'll see some of these features on a 975 LP board.
  5. Apparently my S754 rig has all the power anyone could ever need! Guess I can stop saving my pennies for C2D…
  6. Interesting that this thread has been revived today... After a 10 year absence, as of this morning I’m back in the IT industry working as a web application developer for a federal agency. Asp.net FTW! ...I should be able to afford a Conroe soon!
  7. The only cold boot issue I’ve ever experienced on my board is when the keyboard power on doesn’t respond. This has only happened when I’ve unplugged it for whatever reason or used the rocker switch on the back of the PSU.
  8. Have you tried disabling ip4v checksum offload? instructions: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...8&postcount=736
  9. I just saw this post, sorry for the late retort but I have to respond. Vicodin has acetamenophin in it (Tylenol), acetomenophin and alcohol together can cause acute liver failure and death. Percocet, Hydrocodone, and several other prescription painkillers contain acetomenophin. From what I understand most cases of liver failure today are associated with acetomenophin. Please be careful, you need your liver, and the world needs all the tech savvy overclockers it can get. IMHO, I think your best bet is generic Ibuprophin… with the “bud” being a personal option…
  10. The nF3 250Gb uses ALC850 audio. I don’t think anyone has rear surround speakers working in Vista just yet. I’ve had by far the best results and smoothest sound using the drivers from windows update.
  11. New Avast! AV 5600 compatible beta is out tonight, it's the free AV I use. http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=23424 New Java 6.2 runtime beta no longer disables Aero Glass https://sdlc5c.sun.com/ECom/EComActionServl...254188BDD5DD6B6 I found an excellent Wiki with a Vista HCL and SCL… www.iexbeta.com , the HCL needs more DFI submissions. http://www.iexbeta.com/wiki/index.php/Wind...patibility_List
  12. Thanks for the link 98, I thought MS and Adobe were still fighting about that
  13. Thanks for the link 98, I thought MS and Adobe were still fighting about that... Has anyone played with speech recognition yet? Very cool if only for the novelty, though I’m not ready to throw away my mouse and keyboard just yet. You can open and close programs, save files, arrange windows and dictate text just by yelling at your microphone… it actually works. Years ago I worked with some blind users on windows 3.1, they were pretty limited in what they could do with good hands and expensive proprietary software. Now speech recognition comes free with Windows. The wonders never cease.
  14. Did you not see my pics a few posts back? That was on a good day! OT: I just got an inside line on a federal government .net developers job.... maybe I will be able to afford an LCD after all
  15. I registered and activated beta 2 and 5536 but never got any emails other than the first one with my key. No matter, the download link is now public... http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/rc1/en/download.htm
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