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  1. Yeah, there is, I'll see if I can find it for you. Edit: I found it, the vmem measure point is located at the top left corner just above the top memory slot near the NF4 stamp. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...740&postcount=2
  2. You should get a DMM and check your voltage going to the memory. Check it after you make changes and check it once per day after you get the memory stable again. It sounds like your board may have a faulty reg. If the memory were bad it would show errors no matter what so that leads me to believe it could possibly be a power regulation issue. I ran into a similar issue where I was getting BSOD and such every few days. In my case it was a hardware conflict, my PATA back up drive was causing the crashes. I removed the drive and my troubles went away.
  3. So does that mean that even though the board can go to 300htt and beyond as provided for in the bios your warranty is viod the moment you go above 200htt?
  4. Thank You for answering the question Angry. I have seen the thread you speak of EdLSmith but that was not the focus of this thread. I simply wanted to get a clear answer for myself and others who were concerned about this.
  5. With all do respect I don't believe that it was answered. Yes it will void the warranty or no it won't is a much more clear cut answer.
  6. Well Mushkin covers there redline memory up to 3.5v and recommends DFI boards but that's besides the point. I just want know if using the jumper will void my warranty and if it does why is it on the board in the first place? :confused: I have some redline on the way and this really makes me nervous. How can you refuse an RMA if the voltage options (jumper) are provided by the manufacturer and the memory in question is spec'd to require the extra voltage? Even if the memory is not spec'd for extra voltage the board should still be covered by warranty if the jumper which is provided by the manufacturer happens to kill the board while in uses.
  7. I recently read on another forum that some people have been refused RMA because they used the 4v jumper and it somehow killed there board. I think it sounds like a bunch of bull but I figured I'd ask anyway for clarification. Is there a problem with the jumper? Mine seems to work fine, I've tested it up to 3.8v without incident.
  8. Try reinstalling your usb drivers. I had that happen to me when I tried to update my chipset drivers. They may have been uninstalled somehow or corrupted.
  9. The yellow slots seemed to be good for me up to 250mhz. You should definitly try the orange slots, I was always able to boot at 300mhz and beyond on the orange slots.
  10. Sweet, I can't waite to get mine. ( 2 more weeks )
  11. You should try for 2.9 that chip should be able to get close to 3ghz with around 1.5v :nod:
  12. I think eWiz has them and you could also try zip zoom fly.
  13. Agreed on the memory thing I just got some CH-5 chips and I have them up to 230mhz 2 2 2 5 1T so far. Gonna go for more in just a few here. :drool:
  14. They've always worked fine for me but others will say no, don't use them. Try it for a little while and see if you like it. Run some benches and games to see if your system is better or worse with the .5 multi.
  15. Very nice, I can't waite to get mine I may have to throw the vinnie in my NF3 Ultra-D and put the OP in my new board.(I got an NF4 SLI-DR in the works :nod: )
  16. I am, I'll be getting mine next month so please post some results so I know what to expect.
  17. You guys are lucky, my 6800GT used to freeze up for 5-20 seconds at a time every 4-5 minutes. I tried turning off fastwrites modding the bios different psu's nothing seemed to help not even underclocking it. So I eventually sold the card to my buddy and got an X800XT PE. Any of you guys running SATA drives in conjuction with a 6800?
  18. I wouldn't get the 6800GT if I were you. There is a known issue with the 6800's and the NF3 chipset. If your planning on keeping your current setup then you should go with an X800 series card. My 6800GT would not play nice with any NF3 mother board. It's working great for my buddy though, he has a via chipset motherboard. :confused:
  19. So it should work good for the Opteron too since it's based off the Sandy core.
  20. Actually I did some wheeling and dealing to get this setup. :nod: Sold my very nice X850XT for an X800XL and enough cash to get my NF4 Ultra-D. Then I sold the X800Xl and bought myself this sweet 7800GT. Out of pocket cost ended up being about $160 for the upgrade to PCI-E. Have you tried the official 824 bios? I don't seem to be getting any love in regards to my original question. :sad:
  21. Not in my budget means I don't have that much $$ to spend on a cpu and won't for a while. Yes the X2's are great but they are out of my price range, period. I can get a 144 or 146 s939 opteron for around $150-$200 and overclock it to 2.8-3.0ghz. That should be more than enough cpu for my other rig or even the one I'm running now! Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have an X2 but alas my bills say otherwise. If you would like to donate to mysterfix's X2 fund by all means hook a brotha up!
  22. A dually just isn't in my budget right now and I really want to get my other rig back up. Besides those opterons are clocking really well at the moment.
  23. So I see that the 824 bios are posted on DFI site. Are these now fully working or is there still issues with this bios rev.? I'm planing on getting one of those new s939 opterons for my NF3 Ultra-D. If the 824 is still not working correctly I'll stick with the 705.
  24. I'll be getting an NF4 Ultra-D very soon but I'll be keeping this board in my other rig. I am a little dissapointed with this board so far with the memory issue. It seems to be a random problem with the bios. If your board is working fine for you, don't flash the bios! If you do you could loose whatever stability you had. I have experienced this first hand, I flashed to the 815 bios to give it one more shot. It worked better than it did the first time I tried it as I was able to save all changes this time with no problem. I still had horrible insatbility with memory in windows so back to 705 I went. But now I have use very relaxed timmings on my memory or I get BSOD constantly. I hope DFI has not stopped support for this board and a bios update is released soon. By the way I got the NF4 and an X800XL and it only cost me $10 out of pocket.
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