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  1. not sure what the rma process is like in the us but i just got off the phone with them in the uk. give me a rma number straight away and told me to send them off and they`ll send a new set out. usually takes 4-5 days to get your replacements in the uk.
  2. when i first got mine they ran fine at 250 / 2.6v but now i have to run them at 2.7v,havent had any bsod`s today tho,im still not happy with them tho.
  3. hmm strange i just ran occt again and it passed. whats the diff between the normal ballistix and the tracers ones,just the heatspreaders?
  4. lots of bsod`s today and occt is stopping after a few seconds aswell as prime95 seems like mine have went belly up after 7 weeks.
  5. no,just put the zalman straight ontop lined it up and pushed the pins in.
  6. i fitted one last week on mine works perfect.
  7. but u could move your gpu to the bottom slot as ive done on mine,no performance loss and gives the chipset more room to breathe.
  8. works great for me also. opty 146 - 260x10 2.7v on the ballistix.
  9. ive just fitted a zalman passive cooler on mine,just the same temps as the stock fan maybe slightly less and no noise:
  10. ive got my 7800gtx 512mb card in the bottom slot and i actually gained an extra 30 points in 3dmark05.
  11. thanks,already got my gpu in slot 4 so there should be lots of room for it.
  12. was the zalman cooler easy to fit just ordered one myself anything i should take note of before fitting mine?
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