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  1. I think I'm in agreement with you. I didn't think about the "sucking" of cooler air voer the memory with the fan exhausting rearward. I think that's how I'll put it together. Thanx all.
  2. The rear case fan is a 120, and the pwr supply fan is a 120. i figure the rear fan probably does exhaust better, but was wondering 2 things: 1. would there be a benefit to cooling the memory by having the 9500 blow up over the memory which would then go into ps, and, 2. has anybody tried the orientation both ways and found a difference?
  3. I've got a 9500 on order along with 2gb dc gskill HZ ddr500 memory coming tomorrow. I'm just wondering if orienting the zalman to exhaust up into the power supply would help cool my memory also. if i have the 9500 exhausting toward the back, it doesn't line up exactly with the 120mm fan on the lanboy since the memory slots on the mb move the cpu socket lower. has anyone tried different orientation with the zalman 9500? Thanx.
  4. When I flashed, I turned off computer, removed battery, cleard cmos. after 30 min, I put jumper back, installed battery, entered bios, loaded optimized defaults, then, after reboot, made my changes. Have done this twice.
  5. Was up till about 2:30 looking at posts last night, and couldn't find anybody having this problem. I upgraded from a 3500 to a 3700. I updated bios from 310 to 623, and now when computer boots, the first line shows memory, with no cpu listed. If I boot and go into bios, then continue, the first line shows athlon 3700 cpu. Everything seems to be running fine, but just don't understand why this is. Any thoughts?
  6. I had memory prblems with some generic "Ultra" memory. all kinds of memtest errors. spent days reading thru numerous posts here and settled on this Geil memory. Stuck it in and booted right up. I highly recommend it. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820144513
  7. here's my fan noise,.........had to upload it as a zip
  8. Hey GXP, how much you charge. My Ultra D is only 3 weeks old and for the last 2 weeks my chipset fan is screaming like a banshee. VERY annoying. Anyone have a solution? Driving me crazy.
  9. I'm using 2x512 Geil ultra platinum PC3200 that's worked great. http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp...N82E16820144513
  10. It's close, but fits fine. My only prob is going to be when my memory comes in, I'm going to have to remove the zalman HSF to put the mem in slot 3. Been running about 3 days non-stop and no hiccups yet.
  11. All, first, I started reading posts about 3 weeks before I ordered my parts. Thanx to Jacobsen for putting together the "easy build" guide. Although I've been building for about 10 years, it was still helpful, especially with Rgone's bios hints. However, I spent about 3 days trying to get it "up". MEMORY. For those of you building, go with what's worked for others. I started off with some elixer memory. Couldn't get anything past boot. Ran memtest, on each and had over 20 million errors on each. Borrowed generic samsung from my neighbor, still no good. Pulled 2 256 kingston hyper x modules out my daughters computer and it booted immediately and is running flawlessly. So now I'm waiting on 2x512 of Geil Ultra Premium dual channel to finish it up. So, if you're building, see what's working for others and take their advice. Thanx to all of you.
  12. Yeah, although it wouldn't have hurt for DFI to have moved the connectors a little farther apart. Man, they are close! Oh well, my son inherited the ultra.
  13. Hope this helps someone. I got all my components yesterday and found a problem,.........the 24 pin and 4 pin connectors on the motherboard are so close together that the oversize Ultra xConnect cable ends won't plug into them; just one or the other. So,........went to NewEgg about 1030 last night and ordered OCZ Modstream with overnight shipping. Hopefully I'll be back in business tomorrow. Thanx to everyone in this forum for all the help so far.
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