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  1. Noisetaker is also SLI-ready from what I understand.
  2. http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...uct_Code=100143 Enermax Noisetaker 485w $95.00 the picture that is described on the link isnt the color you'll get. You get a much nicer darker metallic blue and gold grills for the fans. I have pics if you want, just got this for my system.
  3. I just got this motherboard and have had no problems going on week 1 and its running hardcore. Everything has gone great with this board, so maybe its not the board thats giving you the problems?
  4. this forum is by far the most informative and helpful forum I've ever been on, and I'm on a buttload of forums. The help you get here is more than 5star thats for sure. A big thanks to the dfi crew for keepin' it real :nod:
  5. they are 16x slots but they run at 8x. Thats the misconsuption I think alot of people are having or maybe 1 that I still dont understand myself. However, To check to see what your running at go to desktop -> right click -> properties -> settings -> advanced -> Then click the video tab (I have a 6600gt so mine says GeForce 6600GT). This section will tell you the Bus of your card. Mine is in the 2nd slot and is running at 8x.
  6. yep, we moved the jumpers down to the lower slots, reset the cmos and now we're in business. pci-e running at 8x and being detected. thanks alot i really appreciate all the help.
  7. you say 3sets, is that cause each set is 2? cause we moved it down yet when i go to into properties from desktop then into advanced there is no longer a geforce tab. should i have reset the cmos?
  8. well I moved the vid card down because of the issue with it being so close to the heatsink and right over top the chipset fan. So I need to move these jumpers eh, thanks for the help everyone. Now do I move all 6 jumpers on the board to their bottom pins? Thats what i'm guessing here.
  9. I used the search for 8hrs yesterday and as I stated before, the issue really wasnt ever addressed. Atleast the ultra-d situation it wasnt. If you have a link of the "few threads" that you posted about then why not post them. I saw a thread almost exactly like mine, except everyone was giving him advice on the SLI board and not the dxg. I'll look into the jumpers. But is anyone 100% sure on this?
  10. So i recently moved my vid card to the 2nd pci-e slot because it was a bit close to my heatsink. Just made me feel better knowing it was all that close, plus not exactly over the chipset either. But anyways this might be a noob question but, is there something I should've done? I was reading a post earlier but it was older and never really got answered, is there something I need to do with the jumpers or whatever between the 2 pci-e slots? Thanks for your help.
  11. its 5:27 in the morning and i have now found the solution to my the problem that i've been dealing with all night. i have the soprano case, almost exact setup and temp of chipset was 51. After seeing the pics and such, I'm ordering the fan and getting this baby setup. Thanks!
  12. first thing i should've thought of and look i'm jammin! thanks mang!
  13. I just want to say I'm overly amazed at how great the NForce Ultra-D is. First time builder and it went amazingly well I must say. However I've ran into a snag. I'll give you my specs (seems thing to do, i've read some posts before posting hehe) then I'll let ya know my problem. DFI NForce4 Ultra-D AMD64 3000+ winchester OCz Premier (2x)512mb pc3200 ddr400 485w Enermax Noisetaker Asus 6600GT PCI-E Audigy2 ZS xp-90/panaflo heatsink/fan thermaltake soprano Sony 52x cd-rw Sony 16x DVD-RW dual layer 40gb WD ltd edition 80gb Maxtor Now the only problem I'm experiencing is that my sound has a loud hiss to it and is extreemly faint in the background. Is there something I've done wrong, I know this doesnt exactly deal with dfi in general but I saw quite a few of you with similiar setups, was hoping maybe somebody knew the answer to my lameness. Thanks in advance.
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