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  1. sure when the speeds go up. hfs adds nothing neither does the skt design. if I went and bought a new mb am2cpu ddr2 as soon as its available I'd get very little over what I have today. In a few months 6-12 when the ddr2 gets up to those speeds and the latency comes down. When the cpu speeds get over 3ghz then sure. but thats not how they will be released and thats what I'm saying. Tell me where the performace is and how much over my current system?
  2. If your machine is struggling go ahead... or just go dual core. I cant see that the change to ddr2 or the new line of m2 processors will initally offer much performance increase over the current late models. Extremetech just did an article on whats on the horizon and why/not you should upgrade. http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1940370,00.asp
  3. I have a set of those... I like them... for games. (BF2 currently) They have reasonable sound quality. The 5.1 effect is very good. They are a little heavier than the normal headphone. 3 plugs on the cable... will connect no problems to the karajan unit.
  4. Well I've looked and looked and I'm not ready to swap my 21" CRT for an LCD just yet... when I look at LCD monitors less than MANY THOUSANDS of dollars worth all I see is blocks and jaggy text. Youre right... they have improved A LOT... but for large screen real estate where they equal a good CRT they still cost an arm and leg. I refuse to look at screens smaller than 21"... I couldnt go back to 17 or 19. 21 or bigger and 1600X1200 minimum res... less than 12ms refresh I havent bought a CRT recently so I cant say whether the quality has declined... I guess that may follow if they dont produce too many any more... but also price has declined significantly too. If you know of a really nice LCD that meets my requirements... I'd be interested.
  5. FSB 225 is ok... 230 and windows wont load. My CPU tops out a little over 2600 Im running 217 x 12 = 2605 225 x 11 only gives 2475... 220 x 12 is too high for CPU I need the VX back to push the FSB higher at x10 or x11 then I get my 2600 plus good memory speed.
  6. get mcubed t-balancer http://www.overclockers.com/articles1162/ set it and forget it.
  7. 510-2 BIOS works for me. I've been running on some Geil Value ram because my VX 4000 is being RMA'd Its been doing ok but usually failed P95 anywhere between start and 2 hrs. Installed 510-2 and changed the new DRAM RESPONSE TIME to Normal.... left the rest untouched. System ran P95 all night no problems. Still want my VX back but.
  8. Is windows already installed on this HD from a previous life ??? Can't say how many times I've seen that not work.
  9. Exactly... thats my understanding. Its pretty clear... DFI say use a 24pin native PSU 480w minimum.
  10. 145 ... no reason... just the first number that popped into my head.
  11. seems to be the consensus that ocz 4000 vx tops out about 260mhz VX = tight timings Platinum = MHZ
  12. I've been running on this ram with no problems for a few days now. The Value stuff... mine turned up with a 2.5,3,6,3 sticker and works fine at those settings. I've also used Corsair 3200C2 and OCZ 4000 VX... both of these also worked fine... unfortunately 1 stick of my VX went OFF and I'm waiting to get it replaced. Also have the UD and the XFX 6800GT. Unless you want to rev the ram right up the GEIL seems ok.
  13. yeah I have a router... and a small home lan, but I like to know what stuff on my machine is trying to phone home.. so I need an outbound firewall too. The firewall on the NF4 looks like a learning curve I dont need so I stick with ZoneAlarm.
  14. my OCZ 4000 VX died... well at least 1 stick did... was getting the odd error right from the start but going well at 2,2,8,2 ... after running for about 2 weeks, system crashed and took windows with it permanently... tried memtest on each stick... it was pretty obvious what was wrong. The company I bought the ram from is really slow and will probably be even slower on an RMA so I bought some cheaper ram to run on while I wait. Geil value 3200... runs a treat... thought it was gonna be really slow but the ram turns up with 2.5,3,6,3 sticker on it so I set up for that and its fine. cant really pump the FSB too much on a 3800+ (15mhz gets it over 2600) and the geil will do that and at 2.7v... one assumes the VX may go better if pressed harder and does have slightly tighter timings. but just to show this board can run well on just about anything... the geil was less than half the price of the OCZ.
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