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  1. wow, I think my eyes are fooling me. Let us know your temps afterwards! Too bad you don't have a 3200+ or 3000+ to compare with since that's what most of us are using at the moment.
  2. I cannot view your pic. You have DFI ROCKS sign on the surface.
  3. yeah, I was wondering the same thing. The instructions are pretty poor. The cooling pipes should be "down" on the side of the PCI slots. I don't think the orientation matters but I heard you still should be able to access your RAM slots so on my motherboard it should be pointing down.
  4. yeah, I saw it a few days ago actually and wanted to post. Anyway, I was wondering isn't the specs not so good? I mean, the DFI only supports up to PC3200, and at 3-4-4-10 timings isn't that worse than something like 2-2-2-5? Anyway, please explain this as I am a total n00b.
  5. you mean the slot is still PCIe x8 if it's not in SLI? Now I'm confused ...
  6. what? you don't have to change the jumpers to SLI? (eg. 2-3 instead of 1-2) Otherwise you only get PCIe x2 and not PCIe x8!!!
  7. latest version of the bios. Had freezing problems during boot until I updated.
  8. Why would it perform better at 8X than 16X? Doesn't make sense.
  9. So wait, there's no way to remove them and have them appear only when media is inserted?
  10. oh ... that must be it! Yeah, I do have a 9 in 1 media reader. Thanks!
  11. I just got a new system a while ago .. did a fresh install. Noticed several Removable Disk icons in My Computer labelled E, F, G, H. Is this because of the motherboard? My old system did not have this. Where did they come from?
  12. Does that list include my Corsair Value Select ram? They don't list model numbers, and mine is the dual channel kit, VS1GBKIT400. I figure most people buy them in paired kits for dual channel.
  13. Seriously? Damn, luckily I didn't buy that. That's what I was going to get before I was able to get mine to work after updating bios. Here was my post .. AG suggesting contacting the OCZ guys. Hopefully it will be fixed in a future bios revision cuz I know that's a popular ram widely available for $163 CDN and not a value ram. see post# 4 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8136