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  1. Added two pics.. changed items for sale..
  2. I will update tonight / tomorrow with pics and specs (going home for Winter break)
  3. ASUS EAX1900XT - $280 (box with cds.. might be missing 1, but all cables are there) Samsung 204B - $300 (amazing monitor, got an HDTV )Sennheiser HD555 - Motorola V3i DAP w/ 512mb MicroSD - $120 (a couple of dinks.. and i meen a couple) Nokia 3250 w/ 1gb MicroSD - $300 (very NICE cosmetically. There are three minor scratches on the back) Toshiba TDP-S20 (DLP Projector) - $500 shipped If you would like more on the phones drop a PM. These prices are all negotiable not including shipping.. If a price is to low or to high please let me know, these were just based on what I thought this second
  4. Lookin for a good set of OCing RAM to clock up a 3200+ Clawhammer that's supposed to do 2.75ghz on a DFi NF3 mobo. Give me a holler with a price, lookin for a good HZ set?? Maybe somethin nicer. Please PM me a price!
  5. hey uhm like you guys are complaining and like this isn't fair.. stop bashing on us we're like the future. I'm juuuuuust kidding! I totally agree with you Happy, and I am one of these kids. It's stereotypical of adults thinking all kids are going to throw a fuss. My Dad is a crazy butt Euro and if disrespect him in any shape or form indirectly or directly, I know not to go home. Good topic.... but talking about it doesn't change anything. And we're gonna have some minors coming soon saying how this is all a bunch of BS and blah blah... This is why I stick to computers... minimal interaction with idiots makes you less of an idiot.
  6. buuuuuuump :-D prices are negotiable drop me a PM :-D
  7. bump.. been a couple of days. c'mon people hop on this stuff, good deals !
  8. *bump* Added MORE items and changed the layout again. Was wondering why I can't change the thread name in the advanced options?
  9. ygpm (my box was full if you tried to re-pm, I just emptied it. thanks)
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