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    DFI LanParty ICFX3200-T2R/G

  2. sold Greetings, I am parting out my rig to catch up on some bills and traffic tickets The 3 items for sale are: 1. DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-DR eXpert It's Rev. AB0 and comes with the official [04/06/2006] BIOS. Retail box and ALL accessories are included. I have replaced the stock cooler with a copper Evercool CUV2 and applied Shin Etsu paste. The board has ran 8+ hours of Orthos at 334x9, so high HTT is no problem. Price is $99 shipped. 2. AMD Opteron 165 CCBBE 0610DPMW One of the best steppings available. This chip has ran 8+ hours of Orthos at 2.8GHz on air cooling. I believe this chip has a lot left in her (my previous 0610DPMW was a 3.0GHz chip), but due to time restrictions, I haven't had a chance to test any further. Chip is OEM and the IHS is still in place. Price is $149 shipped. 3. 2 x 1GB Crucial Ballistix PC4000 By far, the best memory I have ever owned. I bought it from a guy over at XS a few months ago. I had it dual SuperPI 32M stable at 293MHz on my Expert board. The previous owner had it dual 32M stable at 306MHz on his Ultra-D!! I just didn't have the time to fine tune it in. Price is $199 shipped. Shipping will be to the CONUS (unless otherwise noted). PayPal is preferred. I will try to get some pics up as soon as possible. PayPal Verified https://www.paypal.com/us/verified/pal=CHay...112%40aol%2ecom Heatware http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=37206 E-Bay Feedback http://myworld.ebay.com/chaynes112 -Thanks
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    All-In-Wonder 2006 Edition!

    sold to a local
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    All-In-Wonder 2006 Edition!

    sold Greetings, Up for sale is an All-In-Wonder 9600 '2006 Edition'. The card is AGP and includes all accessories. The card was recently bought as a emergency replacement and has barely been used. The card has never been overclocked. I am asking $89 shipped OBO. I prefer PayPal... My Heatware is listed below... Heatware http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=37206 -Thanks
  5. sold NEW PRICE - $299 Greetings, I am selling my XFX 7900GTX Extreme Edition. Factory speeds are 690/1750 (compared to stock of 650/1600). The card has been runnning stable at 745/1808 (with stock cooler/volts). I've always had a 120mm case fan blowing onto it. Card comes with retail box and ALL accessories. I have flashed the card with the latest BIOS; raised the Delta to 50; and removed Thermal Throttling. This is one of the best 7900GTX's you'll find anywhere. This card MUST go TODAY... initial price is $330 OBO!! Just make me an offer... ANYTHING!! Shipping will be $5 via UPS with tracking number. I prefer PayPal. -Thanks Heatware http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=37206
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    XFX GeForce 7900GTX Extreme Edition!!

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    XFX GeForce 7900GTX Extreme Edition!!

    hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving ^
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    XFX GeForce 7900GTX Extreme Edition!!

    New price is $299!!! :eek2: Let's blow this thing outta here! *Sharp, I don't have any pics at the moment... but I can try to post some ASAP (if the card lasts that long).
  9. What size is your pagefile set at? Also, why are you using a LDT of 'x 4' instead of 'x 5' since you are running stock 200MHz?
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    Windows Professional vs Windows Home

    This is wrong. XP Home will utilize a dual core CPU the same way XP Pro will. XP Pro adds support for multiple (physical) CPUs. Also, I haven't seen it mentioned above... but XP Home cannot join a Domain, whereas XP Pro can.
  11. That's the first I've heard of this... do you have anymore details?!
  12. ***UPDATE AT BOTTOM*** I have a Maxtor 6B300S0 SATA HD. I would occassionally get random blue screens in Windows (fresh install, no overclocking, DRIVERS ONLY installed). Windows kept saying my HD needed checked for inconsistency. Sometimes my HD LED would not be on when it should be. I kept getting BSODs with the error "Session5...". I looked this up in the MS KB. It says there is a prob with Windows assigning drive letters. I thought my HD was going bad. I downloaded the newest ver of MaxBlast and have ran all the tests multiple times... always says my drive is fine. Passes them all. So I wipe out Windows and do a full format. Install Windows again, same problem. I go into BIOS and notice that it doesn't see my HD. I try to boot up and get the Boot Failure message. Then my HD comes back in BIOS. It has dissappeared and reappeared over and over. I was about to give up... I look on here and see several people having the same problem?! Has anyone found a fix for this...? The Maxtor is my only current HD and my system is pretty much useless without it..... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. -Thanks ***UPDATE*** - Guys... everytime I login, I have about 5 private messages asking me for firmware updates. I no longer have any of them... If you need firmware updates, check out POST #100 in this thread. I have provided a Maxtor e-mail address for you to request and receive firmware updates. NOTE - Apparently now the above mentioned post has been moved to POST #101 :shake:
  13. wouldn't both colors of the LED always be on or flashing... no way to ever get it to 'swap' fro one LED to the other?
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    Upgrading hard drive - Advice to Image software?

    Yes, we use Ghost Corporate at work.
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    Opteron 165 OEM Sealed $190 Shipped!!

    bump for a cool signature
  16. sold Greetings, I am selling my Maxtor 7V300F0 hard drive (I'm swapping to Raptors in RAID0). The drive is 300GB, 7200RPM, 16MB Cache, NCQ, and SATA 3.0Gb/s. It is a MaXLine drive, meaning it has a full 5-year warranty (vs. 3-year with the DiamondMax series). The drive was purchased in February of this year, so the warranty is good until 2011. It is in excellent shape and has no bad sectors. A full format will be performed with Maxtor's software prior to shipping out. I have flashed the drive with the newest firmware (VA111680). This drive set unopened for months and has barely been used. It is by far the fastest drive I have used to date. Here is a link to the drive at Newegg... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822144032 ...their price is $120.63 shipped. I am asking $85 shipped via UPS (CONUS-48). My Heatware is under CHaynes112. -Thanks