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  1. I've read a good few of your posts now and I must say, you speak so much sense, you have a very wise head mate which will save no end of people heart ache if they do what you say. Well done for being so genuine :angel:
  2. Absolutely superb, it was the jumper, wish I'd have asked 9 hours ago, took all of 5 seconds :-) I won't forget that in a hurry :-) Words cannot describe how gratefull I am, I am ready to go to bed and for sure I wouldn't have slept. If you were local I would buy you a few beers.:angel:
  3. I've been at it most of the day, already took my PSU out it's still the same, and it's had a fresh install of windows this afternoon, I should mention that all the accesory wires are also disconected I'm using the motherboard switches to turn it on and reset it, also no usb devices at all are connected, just the bare motherboard with the power cables connected.
  4. Oh noooo my mate will go mad, I talked him into getting the DFI because I love them, I'm going on holiday next week and he is not technical enough to sort it out, please don't say it's faulty please.
  5. Hi this is probably something stupid but I have no idea. I have built a new PC for my friend using the DFI RDX 200 CF. I'm a regular DFI user I have an Expert a Ultra D and a SLI-D so the usual culprits have been avoided like I have a GamEXtreme PSU and all the leads are plugged in. The problem is knd of silly when I go start shutdown then click on turn off, the PC goes through the shut down procedure then immediately reboots, the only way I can turn off the PC is by turing the mains off or removeing the PSU mains lead. It's probably silly but I cannot find out whats causing it, any idea's please?
  6. Any interest at all? If not I'll put it in the wifes PC just thought I might of had at least some interest. Thanks again for looking.
  7. I have for sale my beloved OCZ Powerstream 600 which was bouht late last year it still has over 4 1/2 years warranty left on it, it has been the most stable PSU I have ever seen or owned. It is braided in UV Green and was done professionally so it looks absolutely stunning althogether it cost me well over £200, I'm looking for £130 for a quick sale. Thanks for looking.
  8. The Silverstone is supposed to be miles better than the OCZ, take a look at this review; http://www.jonnyguru.com/PSU/ST60F/
  9. Hi mate this should help http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculator.jsp and this http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...ad.php?t=125165 They are two great sources for information on PSU's. Have fun.
  10. What a silly thing for me to do, I'll see if we can have it moved so it can have the full benefit of all the DFI users, thanks for pointing it out to me.
  11. I think it will work, but hey if you make a full back up and it doesn't just take the info off and then reinstall what you require, if you have a full back up it should be easy. Acronis is very good and simple to use as is ghost although I haven't used any ghost for ages as Acronis is much easier and quicker.
  12. Come on you lot post your good experiences it gives all of us something nice to read all problems is no fun for anyone.
  13. Hi there put the RAM on a divider to make totally sure that it's onlt the cpu your testing then up the CPU voltage by 1 notch or lower the fsb by 2-3 sorry I wasn't clear about which voltage to increase.
  14. Hi mate you could either lower the fsb by arounf 2-3 or increase the voltage by 1 notch, that's assuming you ram isn't holding you back, you could lower the ram on a divider to take that out of the equation.
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