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  1. ok, the next part of my computer question is this... I have a soundblaster audigy 2 soundcard that i would like to use. however there are no front panel hook-ups for it. so my question is, can i hook the front panel (mic/headphone connections) to the motherboard sound, and use the audigy for the speakers?
  2. i am a bit confused on where to connect the wires for the front panel speakers and mic. i am assuming it should go on the karajan audio hook up in the back of the motherboard. if that is the case, then where do the wires go. the wires for the front panel are labelled as follows: L-out L-ret R-out R-ret Mic-in Mic-power Ground the label for the pins on the mobo are (according to the manual): Line out_left_front Line out_left N.C. N.C. Line out_right_front Line out_right Vcc Mic_Right Mic_Left GND How do the two sets match up? so far i can get the following (i think) L-out L-ret R-out R-ret Mic-in ---->either Mic_Right or Mic_Left Mic-power ----->Vcc Ground ---->GND
  3. alright thanks, i guess i can run it over night tonight, hehe
  4. ok, i just flashed to the 3/10 bios, and on the reboot it is running a memory test. and i have a couple of questions about it. 1. how long should i let it run? it's been going for a little over 30 minutes now, and it seems as if my keyboard is locked up and i cant esc out of it. 2. will the test stop on its own, or will it just loop infinitely? 3. how do i bypass the memory on startup? 4. what am i looking for during the test? thanks
  5. can someone go into further detail on how to do this? since i didnt include a floppy drive, how do i make a CD? and what is winflash?
  6. k, i'll give that a try when i get home from work. grr...6 more hours + 50 min drive time...
  7. hmm...that's another problem too. during the boot-up process, the screen where it says "del to enter BIOS" (or something to that extent) just flashes right by. this is what happens: power on DFI logo comes on screen change, less than 1 second later, the next screen comes on saying booting from cd-rom. i tried taking cd out, but entering BIOS screen does not appear long enough for me to enter del.
  8. I am not exactly sure which BIOS i am using. i havent changed much of anything in the BIOS other than the time and date, and the changing boot-up to CD-ROM.
  9. I am building my first computer and I ran into my first problem that I am aware of. Hope you guys can help me. Anyhow, I hooked up all the components, and I am trying to install the winxp, and the computer just freezes after I press F8 to accept the licensing agreement with microsoft. I am not sure what else you guys need to know to further help me out with this problem.
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