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  1. All Opterons have 1MB cache per core...
  2. That processor is a newcastle? Them don't do four sticks well...
  3. Step One: Include system specs in Signature per forum rules Step Two: actually tell us which model stick you have.
  4. 5 plugs on the board, three have tempature controlled speed.
  5. Yep nice stuff if you only want 1Gig of memory...
  6. I would pick the OCZ pc4000 Plat EB or pc4000 Gold. the pc3200 would be fine at stock settings but will not clock much past 230.
  7. I'd bet its the memory, I had a module that would pass every test single channel but just would not post dual channel.
  8. I would pick OCZ for their excellent customer service
  9. http://www.hexus.net/content/reviews/revie...mlld19JRD0xMzU5 Bunch of PSU's tested, some suprising results..
  10. hmmm NF4-Ultra, venice 3200+, 6/23-2 bios don't know what timings but I know they OC'd easy.
  11. Buddy of mine is running 270 with those ocz sticks with a venice 3200+... You could run other 1GB sticks but the ballistic's and these OCZ's are the only ones that OC.
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