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  1. no , gameport wheels will not work, must be a usb
  2. because nobody was responding to the other posts
  3. turns out the wheel is bad , thanks for helping thougjh
  4. Does anyone use a racing wheel , usb, successfully with the ultra-d (and XP)? If so, which wheel?
  5. I tried a couple of diff S blaster cards and the n4 ultra -d will not assign resourses for the gameport. Is there some sort of pci gameport card that will allow me to use a sidewinder wheel with a gameport connector?
  6. I just got a MS Sidewinder Force Feedback wheel and hooked the gameport adapter to the gameport/usb adapter that works fine w/ my sidewinder joystick. I cant seem to get the computer to see the wheel. Any suggestions? I already tried using a soundcard that has a gameport. Mobo wouldnt allow resources for the gameport even when i disabled the onboard sound. Can I make this wheel work w/ USB.?
  7. disable commmand per clock, then ram to 3-4-10-4, then try it again.
  8. I do a variety of things. gaming, pictures , dvd, internet, etc. I found an interesting thing about the opteron. With my Winchester, the max fsb 1;1 I could get at cas 2.5 was 278. W/ the opteron it does 280 just fine at a much lower voltage. I know that 2 mhz on the fsb is not much, but it must be the slightly better mem controller of the opteron. So far the sweet spot of the 148 Opt. is 10x280(1:1) at 1.43v idle 27c, load 31c. Not bad, a 600 mhz. OC or 40% according to Everest
  9. Check my sig for hardware and tell me what would be my best choice of ram to try and get 300 fsb at cas 2.5 , 1t. I would be running duel channel 1 gig, (2x512). Is this possible , or should I just stay with what i have?
  10. according to CPUZ and Everest, the .5x multipliers are working. That was my main question.
  11. right now @ 10.5x275=2888mhz. 1.425v+110%@1.53v =25C idle 31C load. I have supurb air cooling and lots of airflow. this is 1:1 mem/fsb cas 2.5 , 1t
  12. Just got my opteron 148 yesterday and plopped it in last night. So far I have it stable at 2804 mhz. 10.5x 267. Do the 1/2 multipliers work on the Opterons? I know on my old Winnie that they didnt. I had it at 10 x 275 last night at 1.4v and it was very stable also. The stepping is CACJE 0601VPBW. Is that a very good stepping or not? Like most, I am trying to get 3 gig. I ran 3d mark 05 continuosly for an hour last night and it never went over 36C. Any tips on voltages I might try while on my possible journey to 3 gig?
  13. Thank you everyone, and CPDMF, I game, do digital photos, video editing and transfer to DVD. I know I would be gaining some MHZ., but how much real world difference will the 1 mb. L2 make? Thanks again for all of your expert advice.
  14. I havnt been here in a while and am trying to play catch up with all the latest changes. I am thinking of replacing my 3000+ Winchester w/ an Opteron Venus 146. I just flashed to the latest official bios for my Ultra-D. I am hoping to get 10x275 w/ the Opteron and the benifits of the 1mb. L2. Do you guys think it would be worth it?
  15. my crystal ball is in the shop-------------
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