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  1. Are the controls really that bad?
  2. Hey guys, I haven't followed this forum recently, but I have a quick question regarding the chipset heatsinkfan of the Ultra-D/SLI-D. A few years ago I upgraded the stock nF4 chipset heatsink/fan to a "Evercool Twinkling Northbridge Chipset Cooler", based on recommendations here. However, recently the fan has randomly stopped spinning, so my computer locks up. What I did was face a system fan directly on it, and the air flow from that spins the chipset fan, and gives it extra cooling. I was looking for a recommendation of what to replace it with. Another Evercool, or maybe something better has some out recently? But note that the hight of it cannot be higher than the stock HSF. Because my 8800GTS literately sits directly on the fan, there is 0cm of clearance. Thanks for any tips! (BTW I'm still using the 704-2bt BIOS, has anything better come out?)
  3. I know, I was just wondering what the average MHz increase was per voltage increase.
  4. My PC-3200 OCZ (exact model in sig) can only do 215MHz stable at the stock voltage of 2.6V. I was wondering if this is considered acceptable or pretty weak. What's the average OC for 1 gig PC-3200 sticks at 2.6v?
  5. Doesn't come in 2 gig kits but OCZ has OCZ EL DDR PC-4800 Dual Channel Platinum Elite Edition Special Features EVP* ULN2** TCCD chips guaranteed pretty cool i guess
  6. Ok, thanks for the info. Do any newer BIOSes fix it?
  7. I'm assuming this is just a plain ol' bug. When I use 140MHz - 7/10 ram divider, and when I load up CPU-Z or any similar program in Windows, the RAM frequency and FSB:DRAM fields don't show any info. Oc & and bios info in sig. Anyone else had this happen? Thanks.
  8. A fan or two can't hurt, but some people daisy-chain a whole lot sucking up way too much power from what you should from the mobo.
  9. Right now I'm running 704-2bt with my 3200+ and everythings all fine, however, I'm getting a Opty 170 on Wendnesday. The reason I ask if that I saw some dual core fixes in the change logs of the newer official BIOSes. If I should, which ones do you guys recommend that have dual cores fixes? And are modified to be a bit more user friendly? ( such as this? ) Thanks for any help.
  10. Get a 170. They OC amazing. As do the 165. The 175 will OC good too if it's a good batch, but it's max is probably very close the 170's max.
  11. Well burst speeds can hit 100 megabyte per sec with normal drives and I think with Raptors they can hit 150-200 MBPS also in bursts. So it's nice to know the bandwidth is there.
  12. Remember that's the theoretical maximum, not the actual sustained transfer rate. Real life speeds usually hover around 50-60 megabytes per sec.
  13. How do I do this with my XP-90? I wonder if there is some contraption I can create that can push all the brackets down evenly at the same time to reduce stress on the CPU core?...
  14. Firefox on my gaming computer and Opera on my old one.
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