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  1. I seem to have the same problem AG descibes: internet ok but no home lan. I am goin gto try the driver solution but have a question. if i am doing a complete reinstall, should i install the 6.53 drivers first and deselect lan, then install the lan drivers from the cd by selecting lan only? what order should i install in to do it right? thx
  2. Rgone says to use 100 or 101 for nvidia. 105 for ati. i don't know what it does even but i use 105 on my 800xl. works fine.
  3. Ok, GL. I got your exact same error too but it only does it if i have the diskette inserted before i get to the "press S" screen.
  4. don't have the floppy disk in the drive right away. with the floppy drive empty, start to install windows xp and hit f6 etc etc. wait until the screen comes up about putting in a floppy disk and pressing S. Now put in the raid driver disk and go ahead and hit S and it should work. GL
  5. So far, the xp-120 is working out ok for me. it is big but i can get my memory in and out with it installed just fine, even from slot 4. i think you will lose access to the very topmost little slot on the board but i don't even know what you would plug in to a little slot like that so i am not worried about that. At stock cpu speed and voltage, my temps are 26c idle and about 37-38c load in prime95 max heat test. BUT, i have not put the sides of my computer case on yet so those likely will not be my final temps once the case is closed. the cpu fan i have is really nice, seems to work nicely and is quiet but it does not seem to have an rpm sensor, even though it is a 3 wire connector. no regrets, but i would like to be able to see the cpu fan rpm in smartguardian and the bios, but not enuf to where i would change the fan.
  6. i flashed to the 3/10 right away and it is working just fine at stock speeds, so far no problems. i flashed to 3/10 from 1/25 after reading it enhanced memory compatability. i did not use cool n quiet. the noise from my cpu fan is far less than the chipset fan anyhow so i don't think i would notice a difference in noise levels even if i did enable it... thats just what i did and it has worked for me so far, not saying it is the right thing to do ) GL EDIT: i started off with one mem stick in slot 2 to get up and running then went dual channel later on after i had installed windows etc. i did have to adjust mem timings and voltage from auto settings to get stable with 2 sticks.
  7. i didnt jump anythng, just installed it as is leaving jumpers in default position.
  8. i think you need the 4-14 or higher to get the setting on SDs. other wise it is always set 1t in older versions. if you use the search you can find the exact versions of bios that have the setting.
  9. bump... anyone know which are the best sata ports to use for a 2 drive raid 0 on the nf4 ultra-d? Thanks.
  10. you don't have the pci sound card installed already do you? can't tell from what you wrote in your post about it. i think if you have a sound card installed the onboard audio gets disabled automatically?
  11. hard to tell from you questions and answers what your problem might be. you might read this link. it has basic general info. check your jumpers, bios settings etc. http://www.basichardware.com/HowTo_Install_Hard_Drive.html
  12. I thought i read that it wouldn't matter to much which connectors you used. I used connectors 2 and 4 because they were the outermost connections. I am still just testing atm and all seems to work fine. I got a steady 100 across the array in the HD tach on the small test. I will be rebuilding this rig again for my final install. Should i switch to ports 1 and 2? Will switching to ports 1 and 2 give better preformance or is using 2 and 4 ok as well? Thank you. EDIT: after rebuilding this system using connectors 1 and 2 with a 64k stripe, the HD Tach results were almost identical to when i used connectors 2 and 4, a steady 100 across the array on the small test. using connectors 1 and 2 lists the drives on the same adaptor in windows device manager. i disabled channels 3 and 4 in the bios and now only have the one adaptor listed in windows device manager. i think i will leave it like this since the performance seems the same.
  13. I also was wondering about this. I installed the realtek drivers from the CD and all is well however I was confused about that since the Nvidia drivers had a option for audio as well. Can you still reassign the audio ports etc with the Nvidia driver like you can with the Realtek? Anyone else have any experience with the onboard audio installation that would please share what they know about it? Thanks.
  14. posts fine on my board shipped with 1/25 bios. flashed to 3/10 np and works fine there too.
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