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  1. ok guys i have been overclocking for a long time but this board has caused me nothing but grief when it comes to overclocking. heres what i got: Athlon FX 55 Lanparty SLI-DR with N4D310p bios 1GB 2x512 OCZ PC4400: 1GB KIT PN- OCZ5501024PFDC-K BFG 6800 Ultra pcx 256mb 2 x 160gb maxtor 7200rpm 8mb cache in Raid 0 600watt Enermax Noisetaker 2.0 MSI XA52P Plextor 716SA Custom dangerden Water cooling the problem: no matter what i do, i have changed voltages, timings, and read through countless forums this thing wont go past 225 fsb, i find this hard to believe seeing as on my asus sli deluxe i could run 275x10 @1.55volts no problem. Does this mobo not like this ram, and is there anything i can try to get it up and beyond what my asus did? any suggestions would help, cause im at the point where im about to ditch this board and go back to asus. also not that this matters the board revision is AA0
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